Scholarship, Research & Sponsored Programs Office

External Funding Campus Policies, Forms & Applications

Learn about the Scholars and Grants Development office and the options and opportunities that you have regarding external funding.


Scholars Day

Scholars Day is an annual event held by the University to give our students a platform to present and educate our community on the work they are creating throughout their college career.

Student Grant & Research Opportunities

We offer three different student travel grants that help our students finance the expenses associated with attending academic conferences where they present research and further their professional development.

Faculty Development

SUNY Brockport offers grants and awards to faculty members to help them develop as an educator and continue to provide quality education inside and outside the classroom.

Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is responsible for ensuring the protection of human research participants. If you are seeking a grant for research involving human subjects, be sure to follow the correct procedures.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research gives students an opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor on scholarly or creative projects directly related to a student’s major.

Proposal Facts & Figures

Please find quick information about the campus, campus diversity and enrollment. Refer to the example below for sample proposal text about the campus. *Ensure the data is the most up-to-date by visiting the Proposal Facts & Figures link above. If you need additional information for your proposal, please contact the Director of Scholarship, Research and Sponsored Programs Office, Laura Merkl at or (585) 395-2444


NSF Approved forms and guidance

The links are to the most up-to-date formats required by NSF for your Biosketch, Current and Pending Support and Collaborators and Other Affiliations.