Requesting a Vehicle

Facilities and Planning reserves the right to limit or deny use of any state vehicle due to a report of improper and/or reckless operation of a state vehicle.

In order to rent a vehicle, a vehicle request form must be filled out and submitted to the Facilities and Planning Service Center at least one week prior to departure. You may call ahead to ensure vehicle availability, but vehicles can only be reserved with a completed vehicle request form.

The vehicle request form can be submitted through fax (395-2502) or mail.

Vehicle Request Form

Requesting a 15 Passenger Vehicle

  • SUNY Brockport faculty/staff must:
    • Be 25 years of age
    • Possess a valid New York State driver’s license
    • Have completed the LENS requirements described below in addition to the requirements for requesting a sedan.
  • You may call (585) 395-2408 to verify a vehicle’s availability.
  • Vans are only reserved with:
    • A complete vehicle request form
    • The driver’s successful LENS check
    • A completed van safety training course from the University

For information on the procedures involved with picking up and returning the vehicle, please view our Vehicle Rental Procedures webpage.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Reservations for car rentals at Enterprise can be made online. For more information on renting a car through Enterprise, view the Procurement and Payment website.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

License Event Notification System (LENS) requirements:

This process requires a six week processing time prior to departure.

  1. Each van driver/employee must complete the LENS check review process and complete SUNY Brockport approved van safety-training course prior to requesting a van.
  2. Complete the LENS check review process by completing and signing the License Event Notification System (LENS) form and submit it to the Office of Human Resources a minimum of six weeks prior to departure.
    1. Improper completion may delay processing.
    2. Human Resources will ensure complete confidentiality of employee information.
  3. Complete the van driver safety training. For information on the van driver safety training including scheduling, click here. This training is valid for three years.
    1. Written certification of the satisfactory completion of the van safety-training course will be provided to successful employees.
    2. Human Resources will notify Facilities and Planning of approved LENS drivers.
  4. Proof of successful LENS check and training course completion is required prior to obtaining a van. Operators are required to submit proof of training completion and proper identification when obtaining keys for a van. Human resources will provide LENS verification.


Van Safety Training


Vehicles are rented on a calendar day basis. If departure is required prior to the scheduled time and date, there is an additional daily charge. For example, if you are scheduled to pick up a vehicle at 8 am on Thursday and decide to pick it up on Wednesday afternoon, you will be charged for Wednesday as well. Departments and offices are responsible for payment of all reservations. If a reservation is cancelled prior to the scheduled departure, charges are waived.

Vehicle Type Fleet Rental Rate
Van (15 passenger) $85/day (includes unlimited gas and tolls)

Charges & Violations

The operator of a State vehicle is personally responsible for payment of any traffic violations, E-Z Pass violations and/or damage caused to the vehicle by careless and/or reckless driving while in possession of a State vehicle.

The University enforces cleaning of debris from the vehicle before returning. A cleaning charge will be added if the operator returns the vehicle in improper condition. In addition to a cleaning charge, repeat offenders risk losing their department’s rental privileges.


Vehicle related purchases are to be submitted through the driver’s travel reimbursement process and will be reimbursed by Facilities.