SUNY Brockport Sign Shop provides sign assistance for on-campus customers only.

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All orders will be sent to our off-campus vendor for production. Please email, fax, or mail your order form to: Facilities & Planning Service Center , fax: (58) 395-2502. If you should have any questions, please call (585) 395-2408.

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If you have any questions or would like a quote, please contact Larry Brien at

Price List for Engraving

Size Description Special Price
1.5x2 Engraved Plastic $5.50
1.5x5 Engraved Plastic $7.50
2x4 Engraved Door # Plastic $5.50
2x8 Stand for Desk Clear Plastic $2.00
. Flag Bracket Metal $3.00
2x4 Wall Frame Black/Gray $3.00
2x6 Wall Frame Black/Gray $4.00
2x8 Name Plate Bracket Silver $3.50
2x8 Nameplate for desk - 1 line Plastic $11.00
2x8 Nameplate for desk - 2 line Plastic $12.00
2x36 Silver Corridor Bracket Silver $5.00
3x2 1/2 Tactile with Braille Room # Plastic $13.00
3x7 1/2 Engraved Plastic $14.00
3x10 Engraved Plastic $18.00
3x10 Tactile with Braille Plastic $13.50
3x10 Wall Frame Black/Gray $8.50
3x26 Silver Corridor Bracket Silver $6.00
4x4 Wall Frame Black/Gray $6.00
4x4 Room # with Braille Plastic $13.00
4x7 Flag Nameplate for Wall Plastic $25.00
4x36 Silver Corridor Bracket Silver $8.00
5x7 Engraved Plastic $15.00
6x8 Wall Frame Black/Gray $11.00
6x8 Restroom ADA $16.50
6x8 Women or Men with symbol ADA $16.50
6x8 Elevator ADA $16.50
6x8 Stairs ADA $16.50
6x12 Wall Frame Black/Gray $11.00
12x12 Tactile/Braille - Department Plastic $53.00
12x12 Wall Frame Black/Gray $18.00

* Frame prices are subject to market changes.