Roles & Responsibilities

Building Coordinators have accepted an important responsibility. The time and energy they bring to the task make SUNY Brockport a better place to learn, work and play.

The Building Coordinator has responsibilities in several areas such as serving as a focal point for many activities that take place within the physical structure of their building as well as acting as liaison between the many different groups of the University community.

General Expectations

  • Be familiar with all exits out of the building
  • Be familiar with assigned assembly points for building evacuations
  • Review and submit all key requests and express any concerns to the Lock Shop: (x2437)
  • Generally assists in resolving common area building issues
  • Assist in training alternates to assume duties when the building coordinator is on leave, absent or not available

Safety & Security Duties

  • Accompany University Police, Facilities Maintenance and Operations representatives, and state inspectors on scheduled safety and fire prevention tours
  • Be notified of all accidental occurrences in the building and keep a record of such
  • Assist the University Emergency Manager, Environmental Health and Safety Director, or University Police in scheduling training or facilitating exercises with building staff
  • Confirm signage is in rooms and near exits related to safety and evacuation information (request sign replacements as needed).
  • During building evacuations, direct First Responders to building’s designated “Area of Refuge” in order to assist those with access and functional needs who may need assistance evacuating the building

Maintenance & Operations

  • If faculty or staff member is not familiar with the facilities request protocol, building coordinator may assist or train the staff member or submit the request on behalf of the faculty or staff member
  • Report building deficiencies (common areas) to the Facilities Service Center (x2408 or by an online service request).
  • Notify building occupants of emergencies or planned disruption of services either verbally or by posting and forwarding copies of Construction Advisories and/or Service Shutdown Notices

Equipment Placement & Replacement

  • The Building Coordinator assists in the determination of the location of vending machines and where food may be handled. The type of machines to be placed in a building should be discussed with Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation (BASC) staff. Inform BASC when vending machine problems occur (x2272)
  • Replacement of furniture, drapes, and other furnishings in public areas and general classrooms in a building should be put in the budget cycle. If it cannot be handled by departmental budgets within the building, a separate budget should be prepared and submitted to the Assistant Vice President for Finance and Management for possible funding. This budget cycle usually begins in November for the next fiscal year’s funds.

Things to Think About

  • Do I have emergency phone numbers posted and readily available in my workplace?
  • Do I know where emergency call boxes are located near my building?
  • How will I communicate if the campus data network is inoperative?
  • Have I downloaded the RAVE application on to my smart phone?
  • What are the ingress and egress points throughout my building?

2023-2024 Coordinators

Building Coordinator (Primary/Backup)
Allen Administration John Carlson (585) 395-2980 / Julie Pruss (585) 395-2361
Alumni House Elizabeth Standish (585) 395-2648 / Kerry Gotham (585) 395-2576
Brockway Dining Hall Cathy Legacy (585) 395-2421 / Steve Osborne (585) 395-2794
Brown Building Lisa Mogle (585) 395-2510/ Andrea Vella (585) 395-5400
Chapman Service Complex Larry Brien (585) 395-5394 / Tammy Jo Manz (585) 395-5205
Conrad Welcome Center Johnna Frosini (585) 395-7275 / Dave Sevor (585) 395-7275
Cooper Hall Deborah Brague (585) 395-2291
Dailey Hall Tara White (585) 395-2159 / Larry Brien (585) 395-5394
Drake Library Gloria Gustke (585) 395-2140 / Joe Hernandez (585) 395-5157
Edwards Hall Frank Mancini (585) 395-2225 / George Elyjiw (585) 395-2475
Harrison Dining Hall Cathy Legacy (585) 395-2421 / Steve Osborne (585) 395-2794
Hartwell Hall Julie Hunt (585) 395-2985
Hazen Hall Jennifer Bianco (585) 395-5599
Holmes Hall Debbie Reynolds (585) 395-2488
Lathrop & Neff Halls Dennis Price (585) 395-5379
Lennon Halls Thomas McDermott (585) 395-5718
Liberal Arts Building Tiffany Jewell (585) 395-5806 / Sarah Stanton (585) 395-2394
Rakov Center Peter Dowe (585) 395-2531
Residence Halls Carl O’Connor (585) 395-2122
REOC/Brockport Downtown Kim Heyward (585) 327-4016
SERC Rich Klancer (585) 395-2774
Seymour Union Karen Podsiadly (585) 395-2730 / Steven Vedder (585) 395-2539 / (585) 395-5646
Smith Hall Kim Von Buren (585) 395-2182
Tower Fine Arts Duncan Chase (585) 395-2239 / David Schultz (585) 395-5264
Tuttle Annex (North & South) Aimee Spillman (585) 395-5329
ITS&N Data Centers John Perevich (585) 395-2888