Facility Project Support Request Deadline Notice

Requests for facilities project support during summer session 2024 are due October 31, 2023. A facility project support request form must be completed by any department seeking to renovate or modify a space or area (including outdoor areas); install or remove equipment with a utility connection (water, power, electric, natural gas); or obtain specialized climate conditions to support equipment or operations.


The following types of space assignment require completion of a Space Allocation Request, approved by the appropriate Department Head/Director, Facilities & Planning, Facilities Planning Committee, Dean, and Vice President

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  • Reassignment of space between Schools/Divisions
  • Request for additional space
  • Conversion of assigned space, requiring remodeling, to other uses

The Office of Facilities and Planning will study each request before making a recommendation to the Facilities Planning Committee. Elements of the study may include:

  • Meetings with the requesting unit to further define the need
  • Evaluation of current utilization of requesting unit’s space
  • Comparison of projected space to current standards/guidelines
  • Consultation with Facilities & Planning staff to determine suitability of available space

Space Allocation Request Form

All requesters should complete and submit the Space Allocation Request Form below.

Space Allocation Request Form