Introduction & Overview

The College-Wide Facilities Planning Committee has been established to represent the campus community in offering the Office of Facilities and Planning, and the President and President’s Cabinet, broad-based views and advice, from an institutional perspective, on major decisions regarding campus facilities. The Committee will also make recommendations regarding allocation/reallocation of existing building space, according to University guidelines.


The College-Wide Facilities Planning Committee (CFPC) advises the President in planning physical development on campus and will:

  • Ensure that physical development of the campus is consistent with the Facilities Master Plan
  • Make recommendations regarding any proposed revisions to the Facilities Master Plan
  • In consultation with all campus constituencies, review and provide recommendations regarding priorities for the construction of capital facilities and major renovation projects.
  • Recommend assignment or reassignment of spaces
  • Review and recommend execution of alteration projects

Campus Construction Project Information

Method of Appointment for Members:

The College-Wide Facilities Planning Committee is a representative committee, its members are appointed by the Vice President of each division and/or Dean of each school to 4 year, renewable terms. One committee member must be on the Faculty Senate to represent the faculty at large.

Membership of Committee:

The Vice President of Administration and Finance and the Director of Planning are permanent appointments to the committee.
The Chair shall be nominated by a committee member or self-nomination. A majority vote by the committee will be used to confirm the Chair.
The Chair shall serve a term of 4 years which is renewable if they are nominated for another term and win the election. If the Chair chooses not to run for another term or loses the vote they revert to committee membership.
Aside from the VP of Administration and Finance and Director of Planning one member each from:

  • The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
  • The Division of Administration and Finance
  • The Division of Advancement
  • The School of Arts and Science
  • The School of Business and Management
  • The School of Education, Health and Human Services
  • Library Information and Technology
  • University Communications
  • BASC
  • The Faculty Senate

College-Wide Facilities Planning Committee Membership

College-Wide Facilities Planning Committee Review of Facilities Master Plan, April 2013 (pdf)

Alteration Projects

Space Allocation & Renovation Requests

Space allocation and renovation requests may be submitted to the office of Facilities and Planning.

SUCF Facility Programming Guidelines (2018)

SUCF guidelines for determining use of space.

To contact the College-Wide Facilities Planning Committee, email