SUNY Brockport, in conjunction with the State University Construction Fund (SUCF) and SUNY have commissioned a comprehensive facility master planning effort for the University.

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Facilities Master Plan

The Fund initiated similar master planning initiatives at each of the state-operated campuses within the SUNY System. The Facilities Master Plan (FaMP) defines the programmatic and maintenance needs, which in turn, drive facilities needs. This information will then be used to inform SUNY capital requests, allowing all to understand the long term vision and direction of our institution.

Specifically, our FaMP, which was completed in April 2011, provides criteria and guidelines for campus improvements and facilities development that support the University’s academic mission and strategic vision. It identifies opportunities to enhance, maintain and improve the built environment in a way that facilitates learning and student development. Current and projected campus program plans were used to identify strategies for demolition, rehabilitation, modernization, conversion, expansion, and new construction. This plan will guide the University in identifying, prioritizing, and structuring future project requests for capital funding, as well as assist in space management.

Much of the University community was involved in many aspects of this planning process. The consultant, Ayers Saint Gross, along with their subconsultants, assessed the condition of our grounds and buildings and analyzed the use of existing and future space. There were over 100 campus community interviews as well as monthly meetings with both the Steering and Advisory Committees. Concepts were explored to enhance the campus learning environment and improve the overall “quality of place” to promote student success. The resulting product describes a long range implementation strategy to accomplish the transformational recommendations of the final plan.


The full plan for the Facilities Master Plan is available for review (in hard copy) at the Drake Library. All documents developed for the FaMP, including meeting minutes and presentations have been electronically retained. Facilities and Planning employees are available to assist you in reviewing any documents of interest.