As the 2022-23 academic year ends, new construction and repairs to the campus will quickly begin to ramp up.

North Campus Utility Project

The North Campus Utility project is concluding its winter phase with final grading and the installation of granite curbing at the new parking area directly south of MacVicar Hall. Very soon after commencement the contractor will shift the construction area and fencing east toward Kenyon Street. Beginning Wednesday May 17th, the railroad underpass will be closed so the contractor can focus on this critical area of the project. Portions of Parking Lot-O may be available throughout the summer, with construction fencing partitioning off remote work areas, but it is recommended that staff and visitors park in other nearby parking lots. A portion of Parking Lot-N1 will be designated for Admission’s guest-parking. Barring any unforeseen delays or unfavorable weather conditions, the lion’s share of this project should be complete and ready for the 2023 “move-in”.

Commencement Drive

Commencement Drive is the main haul route to and from campus and has served us well. However, the road needs to be resurfaced to limit further degradation. That said, if funding is secured in time, we expect to mill and overlay the top surface of the road during this summer’s recess. Depending on weather conditions and material availability, this is a two-three-week process, please stay tuned.

Campus Electrical Upgrade Project

The design of the Campus Electrical Upgrade Project is nearing completion. Work is anticipated to begin this fall with periodic disruptions to buildings south of the tracks. As work progresses, we will begin to experience power disruptions north of the tracks beginning summer 2024. A significant amount of planning is taking place behind the scenes to limit the number and duration of power interruptions as buildings are disconnected and reconnected to the electrical grid. This work is expected to be complete within two years and will continue throughout the school year.

Canal Pedestrian Bridge

The Canal Pedestrian Bridge continues to quietly progress behind the outdoor basketball courts. National Grid is in the process of burying nearby electrical lines, and the contractor has recently completed the construction of the center pier and is now ready for the canal authority to refill the canal. This project is expected to take two years to complete.

SERC House of Fields Lighting Project

The SERC House of Fields Lighting project is nearing completion. A very narrow window has been established for the electrical contractor to return to campus to retrofit the light fixtures that do not currently meet specifications. From May 17 to May 30 a crowd of electricians, on motorized lifts, will replace light fixtures and install a modern lighting control system to complete the project.

Clark V. Whited Softball

The Clark V. Whited Softball diamond is often unplayable because the drainage system has fallen into disrepair. That said, a new system has been designed and is expected to be installed this summer. The field should be ready for play late fall of 2023.

We appreciate your understanding as we reconstruct the campus for future generations of Golden Eagles.