Van Driver Safety Training

Any individual who wishes to operate a state owned 15-passenger cargo van is required to obtain Van Safety Training. This training program is coordinated by the Environmental Health and Safety department.

Please Note: If you are under the age of 25, in addition to the LENS Check and initial training described below, you will need to take a DMV-approved defensive driving course and file proof of this with the office of Environmental Health and Safety. A listing of eligible courses can be found below.

Eligible Defensive Driving Courses

Training Program

The training program has three components.


This process is conducted by the office of Human Resources to protect the confidentiality of this information. Please Note: This process can take up to six weeks, and you will not be given access to the initial van driver training course until HR has verified that your driving record will allow you operate a state-owned vehicle.

To have your LENS check performed, you must fill out the following form.

LENS Request Form


This training program has an online course that you complete on your own schedule, followed by a live driving experience. This is only required the first time, after this you are only required to take the refresher training.

To register for the initial training, please fill out this form. After completing this form and having your LENS check cleared, you will be emailed with instructions on how to access the online course and to make an appointment for the driving experience with an EHS department representative.


This shorter, online-only course is required if you have not had either the initial or refresher training in the previous three years. To take the refresher training, please watch this video and answer the questions found here.