The Enrollment Management Committee (EMC) serves as the coordinating body that reviews and makes recommendations that guide planning for student recruitment, retention processes and the academic program array.


Membership for the EMC is determined positionally with additional representation from College Senate, each academic school and Brockport Student Government. The Committee is Co-chaired by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs.


Membership will be determined on an annual basis and will include individuals who have these roles:

  • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (Co-chair)
  • Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (Co-chair)
  • Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Assistant Vice President for EMSA – Enrollment Mgmt. & Assessment
  • Assistant Vice President for Finance & Management
  • Director of the Academic Success Center
  • Director of the Center for Graduate Studies
  • Director of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Director of Financial Aid
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Associate Director of the Academic Success Center
  • College Senate Representative
  • Faculty at Large Representing Schools – appt. by the Dean
  • Brockport Student Government Representative

Meeting Schedule

EMC meets twice a semester.


  • September 16
  • December 9
  • February 17
  • April 28


Subcommittees are the working committees comprised of faculty and staff with members of the EMC to help coordinate.

Subcommittee chairs to determine a time for subcommittees to meet to coincide with report out to the EMC.


  • Examine, review and improve recruitment through an inclusive recruitment strategy, marketing efforts, post deposit communication and report sharing.
  • Review and continue to incorporate financial leveraging into the scholarship awarding process.
  • Simplify the process for our prospective students to increase campus yield and mitigate summer melt.
  • Robert Wyant, Director of UG Admissions (Chair)
  • Pam Beach, Assoc. Director Honors College
  • Keith Davis, Global Education
  • Mike Harrison, Director Grad Studies
  • Debbie Jacob, Director Marketing
  • Alisa James, Assoc. Dean EHHS
  • Chris D’Orso, Assoc. Director UG Admission – CRM Specialist
  • Sara Kelly, EMSA AVP Enrollment & Assessment
  • Pam O’Keefe, Director of Ctr. Student Success SOBAM
  • Kathy Peterson, Chair of Nursing
  • Melanie Riley, Recruitment Coordinator for Delta College
  • Garrett Roe, Scholarship Coordinator for Advancement
  • Rey Sia, Asst. Dean SAS
  • Deidre Strutz, Asst. Director of Financial Aid
  • Vanessa Taylor, Asst. Director of Residential Life
  • Thomas Chew, Director of the ASC
  • Erick Hart, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
  • John Scheible, Employer Relations & Internships Career Services


  • Review, analyze and recommend opportunities to increase undergraduate student persistence throughout the student lifecycle, from pre-arrival (admissions process) to graduation.
  • Based on the retention and persistence data analysis and findings, provide recommendations to the Enrollment Management Committee to be integrated into the college’s Persistence Roadmap, as well as other divisional goals/plans.
  • Sara Kelly, AVP for EMSA (Chair)
  • Linda Delene, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Eileen Daniel, Vice Provost
  • Taneika Thompson, Interim Director of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Thomas Chew, Director of the Academic Success Center, College Senate Representative
  • Peter Dowe, Registrar
  • Nora Bell, Associate Director of Financial Aid
  • Kimberley Willis, Director of Financial Aid
  • Robert Wyant, Director of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Michael Harrison, Director of Graduate Studies
  • Laurie Cook, SAS Faculty Representative
  • Melody Boyd, SAS Faculty Representative
  • Natalie Sarrazin, SAS Faculty Representative
  • Pam Neely, SOBAM Faculty Representative
  • Kelly Carey, EHHS Faculty Representative
  • Darson Rhodes, faculty representative and AASCU Fellow
  • Amanda Hayes, Graduate Student Representative
  • Kailee Miller & Amaya Medina, Undergraduate Student Representatives


  • Coordinate the development and implementation of key student success programs that focus on closing opportunity gaps among student groups.
  • Collect and review assessment data, including student feedback, on an ongoing basis to identify opportunities to improve programs and services.
  • Identify partnership opportunities within and across divisions, as well as in the community, to support program development and available resources.
  • Sara Kelly, AVP for Enrollment Management (Co-Chair)
  • Lorraine Acker, AVP for Student Affairs (Co-Chair)
  • TBD, Faculty Representative
  • Thomas Chew, Director of the Academic Success Center, College Senate Representative
  • TBD, Student Representative
  • Lisa Jones, Academic Coordinator for EOP
  • Mat Hall, Assistant Director of Prevention and Outreach Services
  • Karen Podsiadly, Director of Community Development
  • Terrian Garvis, Transition and Success Coordinator
  • Dylan George, International Program Advisor
  • Vanessa Taylor, Residential Life/Learning Communities
  • Darcy Porter, College Communications


  • Coordinate the development of an Academic Strategic Plan.
  • Recommend starting new or revising existing academic programs.
  • Review resources necessary for academic programs.
  • Provide oversight to necessary ad hoc working groups for Academic Strategic Planning Membership:
  • Linda Delene, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (Chair)
  • Eileen Daniel, Vice Provost
  • Lerong He, Associate Dean SOBAM
  • Alisa James, Associate Dean EHHS
  • Monica Brasted, Associate Dean SAS
  • Ray Sia, Asst. Dean SAS
  • Cathy Houston-Wilson, EHHS
  • Jeffrey Lashbrook, SAS
  • Darson Rhodes, EHHS
  • Kathy Peterson, EHHS
  • Taneika Thompson, Interim Director of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Michael Harrison, Office of Graduate Studies
  • Craig Ross, Cross-Divisional Budget and Facility Officer

Persistence Roadmap (pdf)
Persistence Roadmap Progress Report (pdf)