Charge to the Employee Success Center Planning Committee

The Employee Success Center Planning Committee (ESC) was established on April 11, 2022, to guide the development of an Employee Success Center on campus, for the purpose of providing programs to support the needs of SUNY Brockport employees throughout the Employee Engagement (EE) Life Cycle (recruitment to retirement). The ESC will contribute to our goal, To be a Great Place at Which to Work, as well as Building a Better Brockport, by supporting and promoting people, diversity, inclusion, and employee engagement.

The Committee will focus on:

  • Critical Needs of EE Life Cycle: Attraction, Recruitment, Onboarding, Professional / Career Skills Development, Employment Data Reports, Supervisor/Manager Checklist, Best Practices, Leadership Development, Retention, Retirement Planning, and Succession Planning
  • Gap Analysis of Critical Needs programs not currently in place
  • Provide for intentional engagement of Classified employees
  • Recognize rationale for lateral moves by employees