Employee Assistance Program

We are all human and sometimes we have problems. Usually we can handle them as they come up. There may be times, however, when these problems reach the level of impairing home, family lives, relationships with co-workers, job performance, and a sense of well-being. When this occurs, help is available through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). You and your family members receive free, confidential, and convenient assistance whenever you need it. If you have a problem, the EAP can help!

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EAP Coordinators

SUNY Brockport: Gary Metz

350 New Campus Drive
Brockport, NY 14420

Brockport employees can contact any New York State EAP coordinator

If you’d like to email one of the coordinators, you can do so at eap@brockport.edu. If you prefer to reach a specific coordinator, please indicate the name in the subject line.

Who May Use the EAP?

All employees and retirees of SUNY Brockport and their families, including Brockport Auxiliary Services and Research Foundation.

Why Provide an EAP?

From time to time, everyone experiences personal problems. Occasionally, it feels like there is no one to turn to, so the situation only gets worse. Without attention, serious consequences may result.

On the other hand, if a persistent personal problem can be identified and action is taken as quickly as possible, chances are good that the difficulty can be managed before it results in a serious deterioration of an employee’s health and/or work performance.

Who Makes Referrals?

An employee may contact the EAP on his or her own by just picking up the phone or going to see and EAP coordinator. The service is confidential; coordinators will even arrange to meet the employees away from the workplace to further guarantee confidentiality. Supervisors, union representatives, personnel officers, and friends may also suggest the program.

Confidentiality Statement

Our program is strictly confidential, a concept we enforce to the utmost. When an employee sees the coordinators, she/he is assured that the information shared will go no further. Only the coordinator is aware of who is accessing the program. Our coordinators must adhere to the Federal Confidentiality Act.

No one will receive reports on the nature of the problem, the type of assistance offered, or even whether the employee contacted a coordinator, unless the employee specifically authorizes it in writing or the coordinator is required to provided such a report by law or executive order.

What do Coordinators do?

Employee Assistance Program Coordinators are employees who work with SUNY Brockport employees seeking help from the program. They are well trained and experienced for their roles as advisors, consultants, assessors, and links to the best possible resources to solve any problems affecting work performance or overall well-being.


The Employee Assistance Program is dedicated to the health and happiness of employees and their families. The core of the statewide program is based on the belief that an employee is the most valuable resource that a business can have. A troubled employee cannot work to his/her potential nor realize his/her full value. Our goal is to help the troubled employee work towards a solution to the problem, there by returning to the workforce to make a productive contribution, while sparing the needless expense of disciplinary action or possible dismissal.

We a support and self-referral service, based on the concepts of confidentiality, volunteerism, and people caring about people. Our program consists of a joint labor and management committee, representing the ideals of both the unions and management, and a coordinator. The committee oversees the program and coordinator, much like a board of governors, oversees the management of an organization.