SUNY Brockport wants to ensure your safety while on campus. Should an incident occur while you are on campus, we offer the following information to guide you through the incident.

Instructions Based On Type Of Emergency






Active Shooter & Aggressive Deadly Behavior

Power Outage

  1. Notify University Police immediately at 585-395-2226 (off-campus) or 2226 from an on-campus phone.
    • Indicate location affected by power failure.
    • Type of outage.
    • Please do not hang up until the dispatcher has advised to do so.
  2. Advise employees and/or students of the situation and steps being taken to rectify the issue.
  3. What you should know:
    • Depending on the extent and expected duration of the outage, the Emergency Management Team will determine follow-up plans and responses such as re-locations, consolidation of food services etc.
    • During a failure of electricity, gas water or other critical utilities, There is no need for immediate evacuation. We ask that you please wait for further official instructions.
    • Depending on the scope/nature of the utility failure, the University may not remain in operation.

Natural Gas Odor

  1. Evacuate the Building.
  2. Do NOT light a cigarette or cigar in the area surrounding the building.
  3. Do NOT start any vehicles in the area surrounding the building.
  4. Do NOT use a telephone in the area surrounding the building.
  5. Report to the pre-determined meeting place. If a pre-determined meeting place has not been indicated, please move to the opposite side of the campus.
  6. Notify University Police at 585-395-2222 (from off-campus phone) or 2222 from an on-campus phone.
    • Provide location of natural gas odor.
    • Please do not hang up until the dispatcher has advised to do so.
  7. What you should know:
    • Ignition sources such as sparks, arcs, flames and embers can ignite gasses.
    • Gases can deplete the amount of oxygen in the air, causing respiratory issues.

Severe Weather

  1. Remain in or seek shelter immediately.
  2. If you are unable to seek shelter, stay in low areas away from power poles/lines, trees and buildings.
  3. Cover your head at all times.
  4. Go to the lowest level of the building.
  5. Stay away from windows.
  6. Follow official instructions from authorities.
  7. What you should know:
    • University Police monitors reports regarding severe weather conditions.
    • Any updates regarding the situation will follow the protocol for Emergency Communication Methods.

Bomb Threat

  1. Telephone Threat
    • Keep the caller on the telephone as long as possible to obtain further information.
    • Listen carefully to all information provided by the caller.
    • Make a note of any noises heard during the conversation.
    • Notify University Police as soon as possible at 585-395-2222 (from off-campus) or 2222 (on-campus)
  2. Suspicious Object
    • Do not touch or move the object.
    • Do not use cell phones in the immediate area of the object.
    • Remove yourself from the building where the object in question is located.
    • Notify University Police immediately at 585-395-2222 (from off-campus) and 2222 (on-campus)
  3. Written Threat
    • Handle the written threat as little as possible.
    • Note the date, time and location you received the written threat on a separate piece of paper.
    • Notify University Police immediately at 585-395-2222 (from off-campus) and 2222 (on-campus)
  4. What you should know:
    • Be calm and courteous, DO NOT interrupt the caller.
    • When the incident is reported to University Police, they will then take the appropriate actions to thoroughly investigate the threat including notifying the campus community and providing additional security measures if necessary.

Civil Disturbance

  1. Report disruptive situations to University Police 585-395-2222 (off-campus) and 2222 (on-campus).
  2. Do not argue with the participants.
  3. Have employees, visitors or students leave the immediate area of the disturbance and seek shelter.
  4. Lock all doors.
  5. Stay away from windows and exterior doors.
  6. Remain inside the building unless instructed otherwise by authorities.
  7. University Police will provide further instructions upon arrival.
  8. What you should know:
    • Inserting yourself in a violent situation may only lead to you and others getting injured.
    • Always let the authorities deal with the disturbance.