Seek Shelter or Remain in Place

  • Hazardous Material Release or Severe Weather Conditions
    • Stay inside in a safe location.
    • Do not exit the building.
    • If you are outside, seek shelter in the closest building.
    • Close doors and stay away from any windows.
    • Wait for further official instructions from authorities.
  • Armed Intruder or Active Shooter
    • Stay or go into a safe room within a building.
    • Lock or barricade the door.
    • Cover the door window.
    • Get out of sight.
    • Stay low and quiet.
    • Turn off all lights.
    • Silence all cellular devices.
    • Turn off computers.
    • Wait for further official instructions from authorities.

Exit Building or Stay Out of Building

  • Evacuate the building using the nearest available exit.
  • Report to the pre-determined meeting area, if assigned.
  • Follow official instructions from authorities.
  • Do not re-enter the building for any reason until officially authorized to do so.

Evacuate the Area

In this circumstance, authorized officials will request you to evacuate the area. If a safe location is not indicated, it is recommended that you relocate to the opposite side of the campus (at a minimum) for your safety.