College Senate Roster

Contact Info Represents (Term)

Jamie Spiller (History)

President (2021-2022)

Jason Morris (Math)

President-elect (2021-2022)
Cathy Houston-Wilson (KSSPE)
Past-President (2021-2022)
Katherine Clark-Walter (History)
University Faculty Senator, non-voting (2021-2024)
Trish Ralph (Theatre & Music Studies)
University Faculty Senator, non-voting (2021-2024)
Thomas Chew (EMSA)
Chair of Enrollment & Engagement Committee, Senator-at-Large (2020-2022)
Denise Copelton (School of A+S)
Chair of Faculty and Staff Policies Committee (2021-2023)
Seth Johnston (EMSA)
Chair of Student Policies Committee (2021-2022)
Amy Guptill (Sociology)
Chair of the Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies Committee, Senator-at-Large (2021-2023)
Darson Rhodes (Public Health & Health Education)
Chair of the General Education Committee (2021-2023)
Jie Zhang (Eduation & Human Development)
Chair of the Graduate Curriculum and Policies Committee (2021-2023)
Trish Ralph (Theatre & Music Studies)
Parlimentarian (2020-2022)
Rita Lockett

Rebecca Smith (Math)

Senator-at-Large (2020-2022)
Papia Bawa (EHD)
Senator-at-Large (2021-2023)


Representative for Academic Affairs, Institutional Effectiveness (2020-2022)

Pam Setek (Honors College)

Erin Rickman (Alternative)

Representative for Academic Success Center, Honors College (2020-2022)

Trang Thai

Timothy Hungerford (Alternative)

Representative for Accounting, Economics, Finance, and MIS (2020-2022)

Chris D’Orso

Megan Sarkis (Alternative)

Representative for Undergraduate Admissions (2020-2022)

Garret Roe

Bradley Schreiber (Alternative)

Representative for Advancement, Alumni Engagement, and Development Office (2021-2023)

Julie Caswell

Kevin Rice (Alternative)

Representative for Affirmative Action; Facilities & Planning; Environmental Health & Safety; Human Resources; Parking & Transportation Services; Payroll (2020-2022)

Michael Boston

William Turner (Alternative)

Representative for African and African-American Studies (2020-2022)

Neal Keting

Tiffany Rawlings (Alternative)

Representative for Anthropology (2020-2022)

Alisia Chase

Sara DiDonato (Alternative)

Representative for Art (2020-2022)

Lisa Jones

Representative for Arthur O Eve- EOP (2020-2022)

Justin Beach

Mike Idland (Alternative)

Representative for Athletics (2020-2022)

Rongkun Shen

Huey Hing (Alternative)

Representative for Biology (2020-2022)

Bahman Radnejad

Carson Young (Alternative)

Representative for Business Administration (2020-2022)

Rich Klancer

Mick Ballert (Alternative)

Representative for Campus Recreation; Enrollment Management & Student Affairs; University Police (2020-2022)

Stephanie Learn

Representative for Career Services (2020-2022)

Michael Harrison

Danielle Welch (Alternative)

Representative for Center for Graduate Studies (2020-2022)

Joshua Blose

Carly Reed (Alternative)

Representative for Chemistry and Biochemistry (2020-2022)

Janet Roy

Darcy Porter (Alternative)

Representative for University Communications (2020-2022)

Veronica Droser

Christopher Thomas (Alternative)

Representative for Communication (2021-2023)

Ning Yu

Adita Kulkarni (Alternate)

Representative for Computing Sciences (2020-2022)

Rafael Outland

Amy Gaesser (Alternate)

Representative for Counselor Education (2020-2022)

Bora Lee

Haci Duru (Alternate)

Representative for Criminal Justice (2020-2022)

Barbara Thompson

Craig Waleed (Alternate)

Representative for CSTEP/McNair, Brockport Childcare, Migrant Education, Upward Bound (2020-2022)

Jenise Anthony

Tamara Carrasco (Alternate)

Representative for Dance (2020-2022)

Tony Dumas

Timothy Stoller (Alternate)

Representative for Delta College (2020-2022)

Linda Hacker

MaryJo Orzech (Alternate)

Representative for Drake Library (2020-2022)

Scott Rochette

Nandini Kar (Alternate)

Representative for Earth Sciences (2020-2022)

Allison Wright

Kathleen Colantonio (Alternate)

Representative for Education & Human Development (2020-2022)

Karen Schuhle-Williams

Jeff Linn (Alternate)

Representative for Educational Administration (2020-2022)

Kristen Proehl

Steve Fellner (Alternate)

Representative for English (2021-2023)

Kathryn Amatangelo

Rachel Schultz (Alternate)

Representative for Environmental Science and Ecology (2021-2023)

Tonia Risse

Tom Hickey (Alternate)

Representative for Financial Aid Office (2020-2022)

Darlene Schmitt

Cynthia Daniel (Alternate)

Representative for Hazen Center for Integrated Care (Health + Counseling) (2021-2023)

Jennifer Green-Wilson

Patti Follensbee (Alternate)

Representative for Healthcare Studies (2020-2022)

Katherine Clark Walter

Carl Davila (Alternate)

Representative for History (2021-2023)

Lindsay Crane

Ann Pearlman (Alternate)

Representative for Center for Global Education (2020-2022)

Alex Moe

Marsha Ducey (Alternate)

Representative for Journalism, Broadcasting & Public Relations (2020-2022)

Michele Myers

Mario Fontana (Alternate)

Representative for Kinesiology, Sport Studies & PE (2021-2023)

Krystal Perlman

Jeff Thompson (Alternate)

Representative for Library, Information Technology Systems, Telecommunications (2020-2022)

Pierangela Veneziana

Howard Skogman (Alternate)

Representative for Mathematics (2020-2022)

Kurt Nelson

Cherelle Garner (Alternate)

Representative for Military Science (2021-2023)

Ismael Souto Rumbo

Andrea Parada (Alternate)

Representative for Modern Languages & Cultures (2020-2022)

Jennifer Smalls

Tamala David (Alternate)

Representative for Nursing (2020-2022)

Gordon Barnes

Joseph Long (Alternate)

Representative for Philosophy (2021-2023)

Zachary Robinson

Eric Monier (Alternate)

Representative for Physics (2020-2022)

Jean Kachiga

Robert Shum (Alternate)

Representative for Political Science and International Studies (2020-2022)

Linda Balog

Shelly Smith (Alternate)

Representative for Professional Education Unit (2020-2022)

Marcie Desrochers

Jan Gillespie (Alternate)

Representative for Psychology (2021-2023)

Shihyun Noh

Wendy Wright (Alternate)

Representative for Public Administration (2020-2022)

Darson Rhodes

Godfred Antwi (Alternate)

Representative for Public Health and Health Education (2020-2022)

Nicholas Pitas

Ya-Ling Chen (Alternate)

Representative for Recreation & Leisure (2020-2022)

Peter Dowe

Kim Duquette (Alternate)

Representative for Registration & Records (2020-2022)

Keniel Ferguson

Ragaa Ibrahim (Alternate)

Representative for REOC- Metro Center (2020-2022)

Daneil Greer

Monique Rew-Bigelow (Alternate)

Representative for Residential Life (2021-2023)

Jan Pisanczyn

VACANT (Alternate)

Representative for Small Business Development Center (2020-2022)

Annette Grape

Jennifer Wood (Alternate)

Representative for Social Work (2020-2022)

Julie Ford

Melody Boyd (Alternate)

Representative for Sociology (2020-2022)

Crystal Hallenbeck

Chelsea Donnelly (Alternate)

Representative for Student Accounts and Accounting; Budgeting; Finance & Management; Procurement & Payment Services, Research Foundation (2020-2022)

Kimberly Haines

Warren Koziresk (Alternate)

Representative for Student Union and Activites, Community Development (2020-2022)

Frank Kuhn

Natalie Sarrazin (Alternate)

Representative for Theatre and Music Studies (2020-2022)

Rebekah Orr

Barbara LeSavoy (Alternate)

Representative for Women and Gender Studies (2021-2023)

Justin Crawford

BSG President (2021-2022)
Susan Orr
United University Professions, non-voting (2019-2021)
Heidi Macpherson
President (non-voting)
VACANT Student Representative, School of Arts and Sciences, non-voting (2021-2022)
VACANT Student Representative, School of Business and Management, non-voting (2021-2022)
VACANT Student Representative, School of Education, Health & Human Services, non-voting (2021-2022)
Zachary Robinson Enrollment Management Committee
Trang Thai
Carl O’Connor
Kathy Peterson
Jason Morris
Denise Copelton
Mark Noll
James Cordeiro
Summer Reiner
MaryJo Orzech
Keith Nobles
Ad Hoc ASP Review
Mehruz Kamal
John Keiser
Strategic Planning
Jamie Spiller
Provost Search
Jessica Sniatecki
Personal Safety Committee
Jason Morris
Campus Fee Committee Co-Chair
Steven Jurek
College-Wide Facilities Committee