College Senate Proposal Submission Process

All proposals to College Senate should include the College Senate Proposal Cover Sheet. Proposals should be submitted by January 31 for consideration during the academic year. Proposals after January 31 will continue to be accepted and considered as time permits. If time runs out, such proposals will be tabled until the subsequent academic year.

All proposals parts should be submitted to as separate documents, with the Cover Sheet and proposal in Word. That is, please do not convert documents or concatenate the whole package prior to submission.

Types of Proposals

Enrollment and Engagement Submissions

Faculty & Student Policy Submissions

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Submissions

Undergraduate & Graduate Curriculum and/or Policy Submissions

Please note: Draft proposals pertaining to Inclusive Education programs should be reviewed by the Inclusive/Special Education Committee (contact Dr. Allison Wright at and draft proposals for an Adolescence Education program should be reviewed by the Adolescence Education Committee (contact Dr. Carol H. Wade at

Please note: The SUNY Letter of Intent should not be submitted as a proposal to College Senate. Submissions to SUNY and/or NYSED take place after Senate and administrative approval.

General Education

Course proposal guidelines and forms for the revised general education program will be posted online early in the Fall 2023 semester.

After Submission

In general, a Senate vote is required for policy changes and significant curricular changes such as:

  • Increasing or reducing the total number of required credits in a program,
  • Changing program requirements,
  • Changes that affect other departments, and/or
  • Changes that require additional resources.

If none of the above conditions exist, the Executive Committee may place the proposal on the Senate agenda as an announcement on the presumption of unanimous consent. Senators may call for a vote on proposals initially presented as announcements.

Proposals approved by College Senate will be forwarded to the College President for approval. Any new or substantially changed revised courses will require a Course Registration Form submitted through the dean’s office to Registration and Records. Some curricular changes will require approval from SUNY and/or the New York State Education Department.

Questions can be directed to the Senate Office at (585) 395-2586 or