Pursuant to Senate Resolutions 2019-2020_34 and 41_21-22FS, the Faculty and Professional Staff Policies Committee is charged with developing and administering an anonymous, confidential evaluation instrument to evaluate University administrators who have been in their administrative function for at least three years at the time of evaluation. The individual in charge of administering the evaluation may not be a direct subordinate of said administrator.

The constituency for each evaluation shall be those faculty and professional staff under the supervision of the relevant administrator. If the administrator is the Director of a small office with broad purview and interdivisional impact, administrators of other units (Associate and Assistant Deans, Deans, Directors, Chairs) shall also be included.

The confidential evaluation results shall only be seen by the person compiling the data as well as the Brockport University Senate President, the administrator’s supervisor, and the University President.

Yearly Process

  1. The Faculty and Professional Staff Policies Committee adjusts the survey instrument and submits the instrument, the list of constituents, and the timeline for the survey to the Executive Committee for approval.
  2. The chair of the Faculty and Professional Staff Policies Committee contacts Human Resources to obtain the list of contact information for the relevant constituents to be surveyed.
  3. The survey is created in Qualtrics and marked as anonymous. The email distribution feature is used to distribute the survey.
  4. After the survey period is closed, the committee designee downloads the results as a report, verifies that the report is correct, creates a password-protected PDF, and distributes the report to the administrator being evaluated, their supervisor, the Brockport University Senate President and the President of the University.

Calendar of Evaluations

The following is the current calendar for administrator evaluations:

Year Administrators to be Evaluated

Vice Provosts
Associate and Assistant Provosts
Associate and Assistant Vice Presidents
Associate Deans



2024–2025 Deans 
2025–2026 Vice Presidents
Chief Officers not evaluated elsewhere (e.g. Chief Diversity Officer; Chief Information

Cycle of review to repeat indefinitely.