College Senate Executive and Standing Committee

Executive Committee

Cathy Houston Wilson

Cathy Houston-Wilson

College Senate President 2023-2024

Phone: (585) 395-5352
Office: Tuttle North 215

Skye Paine

College Senate President-elect 2023-2024

Phone: (585) 395-5037
Office: Liberal Arts 143

Jason Morris

Jason Morris

College Senate Past-President 2023-2024

Phone: (585) 395-2199
Office: Albert W. Brown 126

Other Members of Executive Committee

Member Senate Position Contact
Logan Rath Chair – Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee
Zachary Robinson Chair - Enrollment & Engagement Committee

Jeff Thompson Chair – Faculty & Staff Policies Committee
Chris Carson Chair – General Education Committee
Allison Wright Chair – Graduate Curriculum & Policies Committee
Garrett Roe Chair – Student Policies Committee
Senator-at- Large Appointed
Darson Rhodes   Chair – Undergraduate Curriculum & Policies Committee
Katherine Clark-Walter University Faculty Senator
Trish Ralph University Faculty Senator
TBD Alternate University Faculty Senator N/A
TBD Alternate University Faculty Senator N/A