Required Medical Records

All children entering care must have a current medical statement on file from their doctor, showing they can participate in a child care setting. This includes updated immunizations, which must be updated annually throughout their care. You will receive a reminder notice from our health advocate when an update is due. If your child has a chronic illness, clear written instruction needs to accompany the health records. Your child’s physician can fax the records directly to the Center at 585-395-2353.


All allergies need to be documented by a physician with specific instructions on addressing each allergen. If a special diet is required, please contact the Food Service Manager to go over each allergen and how we can best accommodate your child. If your child has treatment for asthma or allergies that require an epi-pen or inhaler, a written plan must be on file. Please see our Health Advocate or an administrative staff for all necessary paperwork.

Sick Child Policy

If your child becomes ill while in care, we will contact a parent to make appropriate arrangements. If your child has a fever of 100.5 or higher, has more than 3 diarrhea episodes in one day, vomits, has an unexplained rash, debilitating coughing, or other symptoms that prevents them from participating in the program, you will be asked to pick them up. An Incident/Illness report will be completed by a staff member and a parent will be asked to sign it at pick up. A child must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to BCDC.

Daily Health Check

When your child arrives at care, the classroom teacher will complete a health check and log any out of the ordinary marks, symptoms or concerns. Please let the staff know if there is anything out of the ordinary with your child. If staff are concerned for the safety of your child, they must report their concerns to the state of New York. (See Mandatory Reporting)

Medication Administration

BCDC has staff who are trained to provide medication to your child. Only these staff are allowed to accept and administer medication to children. The Center does not stock any medications and can only administer medication that meets all of the following standards:

  • Medication must be accompanied with a completed Medication Administration Form, signed by parent, doctor and staff member.
  • Medication must be in original packaging with the child’s name clearly marked
  • If the medication is prescribed, the label must include the child’s name, name of medication, dosage, frequency of use, route of administration, date, and prescriber’s name

Accidents and Injuries

All staff are First aid and CPR certified. Extreme caution is taken to prevent any accidents and illnesses, both in and outside of the classroom. When these do occur, Emergency Procedures are followed, including completing an Incident Report that you will be asked to review and sign at the time of pick up. Depending on the situation, staff may call to let you know about an incident. If the situation requires emergency care, 911 will be called immediately followed by you or another emergency contact.