Fee Scale

Effective August 31, 2020

Age Full Time Part Time
(Daily Rate)
Infants $260 $65
Toddlers/Twoodlers $250 $6o
Pre-School $230 $55
School-Age (before and after) $130 $30
School-Age (before or after) $105 $25
School-Age (Full week) $200 $50


  • Enrollment Fee: $50
  • Re-Enrollment Fee: $25
  • Vacation/Holding Fee: $50 per week (up to six weeks per year)
  • UPK Wrap Around (per day): $20

(Child must be enrolled in BCDC UPK full day program)

Multiple Child Discount: When two or more children in one family are enrolled full time, a discount will be applied. Please see office for details.

Parent Fees are subject to change