Welcome to Brockport Child Development Center. We are so glad your family has chosen to become part of the BCDC community. For 50 years, we have provided quality early education and care in a nurturing and enriching environment for children ages 8 weeks-12 years. As a state licensed facility, our center follows strict guidelines relating to safety, health, nutrition, supervision, and curriculum. In addition, we are nationally accredited through the National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), and have a four-star rating from the New York Quality Stars program, holding us to the highest standards in early education. These, along with a staff who have a combined experience of over 150 years, will ensure that you feel comfortable and safe entrusting us with your child, and know that your child will feel loved and nurtured in an environment designed to enhance their education and growth.

This handbook serves to answer questions about our philosophy, structure and policies. If there is any other information we can provide, never hesitate to call, email, or stop in and ask. We are here to provide you with more than just child care; we are here to build a community where your child belongs.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing with you how BCDC can be an integral part of your child’s most formative years.













Brockport Child Development Center

Mission Statement

Utilizing developmentally appropriate curriculum focusing on the emotional, cognitive, and motor domains, the Brockport Child Development Center provides the highest quality care and education for children in a supportive and nurturing environment.



Committed to remaining an accredited child development facility, the Brockport Child Development Center fosters personal growth, creativity, and friendship for the children of students, faculty and staff of SUNY Brockport, and the families of the greater Brockport community.


Diversity: The Brockport Child Development Center respects, values, and celebrates individual and community differences.

Community: The Brockport Child Development Center enhances the well-being of the people of the State of New York by providing the highest quality education and care for the children of Brockport students, faculty, staff and community members.

Engagement: The Brockport Child Development Center engages the Brockport Community through a variety of academic, vocational, scholarly, and social activities and opportunities.

Excellence: The Brockport Child Development Center provides a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment that utilizes best practices in early childhood education, allowing children to reach their fullest potential.

Transformation: Through honest, respectful, supportive, and empowering communications between staff, administration, and families, the Brockport Child Development Center transforms the community by advocating for child and family wellness.


Brockport Child Development Center

Corporation: Nonprofit, 501(c)(3)

Located on the SUNY Brockport campus in Cooper Hall, Corners of Kenyon and Adams Roads

Mailing Address: 350 New Campus Dr., Cooper Hall, B3

Brockport, NY 14420

Phone: 585-395-2273

Fax: 585-395-2353

Website: /support/child_development_center/

Social media: www.facebook.com/brockportchilddevelopmentcenter

Serving: ages 8 weeks-12 years

Care hours: 6:30am-5:30pm, Monday-Friday


Licensed: OCFS, State of New York. Complete regulations and contact information can be found in the main office.

Accredited: National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

Quality Stars: Four Star rated, more information at https://qualitystarsny.org/

Language: If you need written materials or meetings in languages other than English, please contact the office and we will make every effort to accommodate translation or interpreter needs.

History: The Brockport Child Development Center opened on October 30, 1972 under the name of Brockport Child Care Center. The Center changed its name in April 2006, to better reflect the work that we do. The Center has been located on the SUNY Brockport campus since 1983.


Hours of Operation

6:30am-5:30pm, Monday-Friday

Holidays Observed, center closed

January 1 st , Memorial Day, July 4 th , Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, December 25 th . If these days fall on a Saturday, the center will be closed the preceding Friday and if these days fall on a Sunday, the Center will be closed Monday.

Early Closures

December 24 th and December 31 st , close at 4pm

Snow Days

On the rare occasion that the Center closes due to inclement weather, we will contact parents who are scheduled that day via social media, email, and television news. If you are questioning whether or not we will operate normal hours, please contact the office. Your account will be credited for any day or half day that we must be closed.



Parking for drop off and pick up is allowed in the driveway in front of Cooper Hall with the use of 4-way flashers. This is only allowed within or across from actual parking spaces. All other campus parking is with appropriate parking tags only. Please do not leave vehicles to idle.

Drop off

When entering your child’s classroom, sign them in on the classroom attendance sheet. Personal items can be stored in your child’s locker or cubby. Please check in with the teacher upon arrival, so they can take over supervision. If you have any concerns or news to report (lack of sleep, possible illness, bruises, etc.), please let the staff know.

Pick up

Only authorized escorts can pick up your child from the center. ID will be required for pick up from anyone that the staff does not know. Please check your child out on the classroom attendance sheet before you leave for the day. Before leaving with your child, please speak with your child’s teacher so they know your child is departing. They will let you know any important news from the day and answer any questions you might have.


Access is from 6:30am-5:30pm. If you have an authorized escort drop off or pick up, please have them check in at the Main office for classroom access.


Criteria for employment includes:

  • All Staff:
    • An updated physical with clearance to work in a child care setting
    • Negative TB test
    • Clearance through NYS background check
    • Fingerprinting and security clearance
  • Lead Teachers:
    • A minimum of Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education or related field
    • Experience with Early Education
  • Assistant Teachers:
    • A minimum of a high school diploma or equivalency

Staff Orientation & Development

All staff, including full time, part time, and substitutes are required to go through a new-hire orientation that covers all relevant material related to the Center: Job Descriptions, Staff Handbooks, and required state and federal paperwork. This orientation is done either one-on-one or in a small group, depending on the number hired.

Classroom teachers are assigned a Mentor Teacher, who will work with them through their first six months by following a specific training manual to answer questions and show them the ins and outs of the Center.

All staff, including substitutes are required to complete professional development hours. Within the first six months of employment, 15 hours of professional development must be completed, and within the first two years, 30 hours are required. BCDC offers a variety of training opportunities and workshops that fulfill these requirements. Before staff begin working in the classroom, they must complete a 5 hour training offered by the state of New York, covering 11 different safety and education topics.

Substitutes & Volunteers

In order to meet the staffing needs of the Center, substitute staff are hired to fill absences or to cover lunch breaks. These staff are required to pass all background and security screenings before working in classrooms. If a substitute has accrued 180 work hours in the classroom, they can apply for a Teacher Aide position, giving them more responsibility in the classrooms.

Volunteers and Interns are welcome at BCDC. We accept applications for volunteers from a variety of sources including area high schools, University departments, parents or family members, or community members. Volunteers and Interns are not counted in ratio and are never allowed to be alone with any child. If they are scheduled for more than 15 total hours they must have three positive references, submit proper medical documentation, and pass a criminal history review.


BCDC is committed to providing the highest quality educational and nurturing environment. Class curriculums are designed to be developmentally appropriate, engaging, and supportive of children’s exploration of the world. Entering children are placed in an age-specific classroom. Each teaching team develops their curriculum, classroom design, and activities based on their children’s interests, skills, and developmental needs.

Current Classrooms:

Classroom Ages Served Teacher:Student Ratio Max group size

Infants (2)

8 weeks-15 months



Toddler (2)

15 -24 months



Twoodler (2)

24-36 months



Pre-School (2)

3 years



Pre-School (1)

4-5 years



School Age (2)

5-12 years





Program Descriptions

The Infant Program cares for children eight weeks to fifteen months. We provide a loving and nurturing environment staffed by special edu-carers who understand the needs of infants. At this stage of development, infants are deciding if the world is a place to be trusted. By consistently meeting their physical and emotional needs, we show our babies that adults are dependable. Through our response to their cries, body language, or early verbalization, they learn that the world is a safe, predictable, and trustworthy place. Through the use of age‑appropriate toys, they learn basic facts about the world and about their ability to have an impact on it. Our infants are talked to, held, and carried. They are kept clean and well fed. We want each baby entrusted to our care to thrive and flourish, and we do everything we can to make sure that they do. Our days include group activities, music and story time, art projects, and one-on-one time with each child.

The Toddler Program cares for children ages fifteen-twenty four months. It is geared to provide a safe, healthy environment in which the children have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of experiences: from paint and paste, to pegboards and play dough, from blocks and beads to bikes and balance beams, and from stories and songs to slides and swings. We recognize that toddlers are struggling with issues of dependence versus independence, so we provide both security and structure while helping them learn the power of their own words, and the freedom of making choices. Through the use of age‑appropriate toys and activities we support and extend their emerging physical, intellectual and social skills, taking care that each child receives the affection and nurturing vital for healthy development.

The Twoodler Program cares for children ages two to three years. These children are no longer Toddlers, yet they are not quite Pre‑schoolers. Their growing skills require opportunities to experiment with a wide variety of materials and situations. Like Toddlers, Twoodlers are struggling with issues of dependence versus independence, and so we again provide both the security of structure and the freedom of making simple choices. We provide challenge and stimulation as these children become more and more self‑sufficient. We recognize learning is built into activities ‑ but the pressure to learn is not. As their ability to use language increases, we pay special attention, and provide many day‑to‑day chances to use this emerging skill. Along with finger paints, sandboxes, jungle gyms, dress‑up clothes, puzzles and picture books, we also provide warmth and security.

The Pre‑School Program cares for children ages three to five years. Since children learn from personal interaction and talking about their experiences, the teachers’ role is to provide an environment that promotes active learning. Active learning occurs when the following ingredients are present: materials for each child, manipulation of those materials, choice by the child of what to do with the materials, words chosen and used by the child, and support by adults or peers that helps the child think about his or her actions. Each room is physically set up to promote each child’s feeling of independence and competence. Areas are well defined, materials are easily accessible, and both are clearly labeled. The daily routine follows a predictable pattern and varies only with prior notice. Because of this predictability, the children are able to anticipate the sequence of events. This leads to feelings of control over both their environment and their time. By giving attention to each child’s needs and interests, the teachers are able to “customize” the curriculum and tailor a very personal educational fit.

The School‑Age Program cares for children ages five to twelve years. We offer before and after school care as well as full day care on school holidays and during the summer months. School bus transportation is available through the Brockport School District. The prime focus of the school-age program is interactive, interdisciplinary instruction, revolving around the arts, recreation, and making connections to school curriculum. The children are offered both structured (teacher directed) and unstructured (child directed) choices of activities. These include games, crafts, sports, cooking, music, and more. School‑agers are in the process of learning how they fit into the larger world. Rules and social opinions (peer pressure) are very important to them. Through artistic expression, enrichment activities, playing games and participating in sports, the children have the chance to practice and develop decision‑making skills, teamwork, a sense of fair play, and how language can be used to communicate ideas and feelings. Our Summer Program offers an expanded opportunity of our school year program, which includes field trips, games, computers, and other exploratory activities, on or near the University campus. Since a good part of the children’s free time is spent at the Center, we create a relaxing and enjoyable environment.


As children grow, their developmental needs change. In order to provide an age-appropriate education, your child will transition to a new classroom as certain age milestones occur. Typically moves-ups occur in January, May, and August. As those times approach, the staff or Administrative Assistant will contact you to discuss an appropriate transition timeline. Your child will visit their new classrooms, spend short periods of time there, meet the new teachers, and have time to acclimate before moving. You are encouraged to discuss with teachers and administration any preferences or concerns about classroom transitions.


Twice per year, generally within 45 days of enrollment, staff will do a formal developmental assessment. Assessments are adapted from the developmental stages presented by the CDC and the Ages and Stages program (ASQ-3). Parents are welcome to preview these assessments at any time by asking either the classroom teacher or in the main office. Staff are trained through mentor training to use this tool in helping them design an appropriate curriculum and plan according to the needs of children. Results from these assessments will be kept confidential and only shared with family. Any release of information signed by a parent is required to share this information with any outside agency. If you need this assessment in any format or language other than print and English, please contact the main office.


As an active play-space, children are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing to the Center each day. Please have at least one extra set of clothing on-hand in case of accidents, extra messy activities, or other unforeseen events. Please have weather-appropriate shoes and outer gear so your child(ren) can participate in all activities. Classroom teachers will make every attempt to let you know ahead of time if your child will be participating in activities that need specific items.



Twice per year parents are formally invited to schedule a conference with their classroom teachers. Staff are available throughout the year to meet with parents, with a two week prior notice.


BCDC is committed to providing a culturally and environmentally sensitive experience for all children. Staff make every effort to honor the background and values of each family through programming, decorations, food choices, and activities. We encourage you to discuss what you do with your child at home, so that staff can incorporate ideas into their curriculum to have all children feel acknowledged and honored.

Field Trips

All classrooms spend time walking (or strolling) throughout campus. Organized field trips off campus are limited to Preschool 3 and school age children who will receive permission forms when there is an event planned. Once all Preschool 3 children have turned 4, they may choose to schedule field trips. When a class is out of the room, they will post a notice on their door of where you can find them.


BCDC participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). All meals are provided as part of tuition and no child will be denied food while in care. Meals are planned in accordance with all national standards and nutrition contents for each age group. Breakfast, Lunch, and afternoon snack will be served every day. All meals are served family style and children are encouraged to actively participate in serving themselves, passing items, and learning table etiquette. Outside food is not permitted to be brought to the classrooms. If your child has food allergies or cultural preferences for food items, please let the office know in writing so appropriate replacements can be made.

Meals are served at the same time each day. We can not hold food for your child past the scheduled meal time, in order to allow the class to continue on with their daily plans.

If you would like to have your child brush their teeth after meals, please send in a toothbrush, with a cover and labeled with their name. We will provide time and space for them in the classroom, under supervision.

When a child has a peanut or severe allergy, the allergin will not be served or allowed in the classroom or section that the child attends. Please notify the office as soon as possible if an allergy is determined.

Nap Time

All children (not including school age children) will be asked to lie down for a rest mid-day. If your child(ren) does not fall asleep after a period of rest, they will be offered a quiet activity so those who do sleep can rest. When staffing is available, children may be allowed to do quiet activities in a different classroom. You will be given a nap agreement explaining sleeping surface, and supervision to review and sign.



Outdoor Play/Physical Activity

All children will have outdoor play time every day unless the weather makes that activity unsafe. If you do not want your child to participate in outdoor play, please submit a written explanation and request from the child’s doctor. Every class offers structured and unstructured physical activity throughout the day, whether in the classroom, in the Motor Room or outside.


Parent Resources

Informational materials are available for parents in the main hall by the staff bulletin board. Topics include developmental milestones, childhood nutrition, and community resources.


Schedules & Curriculum

All classrooms are responsible for creating a schedule for their day. This will stay consistent unless a special activity is planned. All schedules are posted on the classroom door or in each classroom. Teachers are also responsible for creating and executing their own creative curriculum, based on most current and appropriate practices. Each classroom includes structured physical activities (dancing, games, gym), unstructured free play, and inside and outside play (weather permitting). All lesson plans are submitted to our Assistant Director for approval. If you would like to see lesson plans, please speak with the classroom teacher or the Assistant Director in the main office.



You are responsible for providing the following supplies for your child, clearly marked with your child’s name.

  • Infant Rooms: Disposable diapers, wipes, personal soaps, creams or powders, several changes of clothing, crib sheet, and a sleep sack (under age 1) or small blanket (allowed over age 1).
  • Toddler and Twoodler Rooms: Disposable diapers and wipes (if needed), sunscreen, two full changes of clothing, a small sheet and blanket for napping mats.
  • Pre-School Rooms: Small sheet and blanket for napping cot, sunscreen, and two full changes of clothing.
  • School-Age Rooms: Change of clothes and sunscreen.

If you would like your child to brush their teeth after lunch, please bring a toothbrush, with a cover, clearly marked with their name and let the teacher know of your preference.

Unless specifically requested, please do not bring personal toys, valuable items, or electronics to the Center. BCDC cannot be responsible for lost, stolen, or broken items that are brought from home.


If you are unable to provide required materials, please speak with an administrator about possible assistance with bedding, sunscreen, etc.


Parent/Teacher Communication

Open communication between the center and the parent is crucial in maintaining a strong working relationship. Each day at drop off and pick up, classroom teachers would like to check in with you to ask any questions, get an update on your child, or share any news.

Kangarootime App

The Center uses the Kanagrootime App to maintain communication with parents throughout the day. You will be invited to download the program and connect with your child’s teacher and administrators. This gives you access to their daily notes, messages, billing and payments, alerts, etc.

Infant and Toddlers receive notifications through the Kangarootime App when they ate, napped, and were changed. If you have an older child and would like them to have a daily report, please let their teacher know.

If there is any type of incident during the day, staff will fill out an Incident Report for you to read and sign. This could be illness noticed, an accident, an altercation with another student, or other notable event that occurred during the day. Please read the report, ask any questions and sign the form before leaving for the day.

If you would like to schedule a time to meet with the classroom teacher or other staff, please contact the office at least a day in advance with times you would be available. These conferences can take place at any time during the year, if you would like a more detailed update than what can be given at drop off/pick up.

If issues arise that are not being addressed to parent satisfaction, please contact the Assistant Director or Executive Director to discuss the issue. If matters are still not satisfactorily met, please contact the Chair of the Board of Directors. Contact information can be found in the main office.

Although our classrooms are busy, parents are always welcome to call and check on their child. Please call the office and they will transfer you to the appropriate classroom. Classrooms cannot be called directly for security purposes.

Parent Involvement

Parents and family are an essential piece in the healthy development of any child. You are always welcome to visit your child while they are in care. If you would like to be involved beyond your own child in the Center, please speak with a member of administration to explore how your talents and time could fit into the Center. All parent volunteers must follow all Volunteer protocols (see Volunteers & Interns).

Children’s Birthdays/Holiday Celebrations

We like to acknowledge and honor children’s birthdays and major holidays. If you do not want their birthday acknowledged, or if they should not participate in other celebrations, please let their teacher know. If you would like to bring treats to help the class celebrate, please check with the classroom teacher about the classroom guidelines and allergy restrictions. All food items must be store bought.

Behavior Management

Staff work diligently to provide clear, fair, and consistent boundaries for all children. The behavior management plan for children of Brockport Child Development Center is based on a respect for the child, and an understanding of child development, which is recognized as individual and different for each child. The behavior management of any individual child is carried out as quickly as possible after the incident, in a quiet and private manner as much as the situation will allow. Whenever possible, the children will be involved in helping with the creation of rules and conduct of behavior for the classroom to encourage ownership and responsibility.

The staff use positive reinforcement and role modeling techniques as a means to reinforce positive behavior. The staff encourage the use of re-direction and dialogue as a means of settling issues. It is not the child, but the child’s actions that are given the attention. The use of “time-out” is utilized sparingly, and only in cases where the child has the ability to reflect on their behavior and make the appropriate changes.

Attention will be paid to helping children of all ages become self-aware and begin to regulate their own behaviors through reflection, dialogue, and check-ins.

In the event a child’s behavior poses a threat to himself/herself or the other children, physical intervention may be necessary. Options may include: blocking or limiting where a student can move, gently touching to redirect, or picking up a child to move them from a dangerous or potentially dangerous situation. If physical intervention is required, parents will be contacted and an incident response form will be completed for parent signature.

If a child’s behavior becomes a continual threat, requiring a higher level of intervention, the Director will contact parents to set up a meeting with teachers, administration, and parents to discuss possible solutions.

Children who exhibit persistent or extreme disruptive/dangerous behaviors (i.e. physical aggression, running away) may be dis-enrolled from the Center. BCDC will make reasonable attempts to work with the child and family, but we reserve the right to dis-enroll if we determine it is in the best interests of the Center or the child.

Parents are expected to be respectful and safe with all staff and children while at the Center. Any disruptive or threatening behavior will not be tolerated and may result in being unenrolled from the Center. If there are issues, parents will be contacted by an administrator to meet and discuss concerns and expectations.


BCDC respects the privacy of families to the highest extent possible. Information concerning children and families will not be released without written permission from a parent/guardian. If staff has reason to believe a child’s safety is at risk, we will report such information to the state of New York. (See Child Abuse and Maltreatment Reporting)


Unless otherwise stated, children’s pictures will be taken as they participate in classroom and BCDC activities. These photos will only be used for in-house newsletters and will not be released or used in any other way. No photos or names will be used in advertising or on-line for any reason.

Non-Custodial Parents

Parents of children enrolled at BCDC will have unlimited access to their child while in care. This includes custodial as well as non-custodial parents. If a parent is NOT to see their child based on a court order, a copy of that order must be on file in the main office. Please inform the administration about any custodial issues that would be helpful in keeping your child safe.


Required Medical Records

All children entering care must have a current medical statement on file from their doctor showing they can participate in a child care setting. This includes updated immunizations, which must be updated annually throughout their care. You will receive a reminder notice from our health advocate when an update is due. If your child has a chronic illness, clear written instruction needs to accompany the health records. Your child’s physician can fax the records directly to the Center at 585-395-2353.



All allergies need to be documented by a physician with

specific instructions on addressing each allergen. If a special diet is required, please contact the Food Service Manager to go over each allergen and how we can best accommodate your child. If your child has treatment for asthma or allergies that require an epi-pen or inhaler, a written plan must be on file. Please see our Health Advocate or an administrative staff for all necessary paperwork.

Sick Child Policy

If your child becomes ill while in care, we will contact a parent to make appropriate arrangements. If your child has a fever of 100.5 or higher, has more than 3 diarrhea episodes in one day, vomits, has an unexplained rash, debilitating coughing, or other symptoms that prevents them from participating in the program, you will be asked to pick them up. A child must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to BCDC. *Subject to change

Daily Health Check

When your child arrives at care, the classroom teacher will complete a health check and log any out of the ordinary marks, symptoms or concerns. Please let the staff know if there is anything out of the ordinary with your child. If staff are concerned for the safety of your child, they must report their concerns to the state of New York. (See Mandatory Reporting)

Medication Administration

BCDC has staff who are trained to provide medication to your child. Only these staff are allowed to accept and administer medication to children. The Center does not stock any medications and can only administer medication that meets all of the following standards:

  • Medication must be accompanied with a completed Medication Administration Form, signed by parent, doctor and staff member.
  • Medication must be in original packaging with the child’s name clearly marked
  • If the medication is prescribed, the label must include the child’s name, name of medication, dosage, frequency of use, route of administration, date, and prescriber’s name
  • All medications are kept out of reach of children and any controlled substances are kept in lock boxes

Accidents and Injuries

All staff are First aid and CPR certified. Extreme caution is taken to prevent any accidents and illnesses, both in and outside of the classroom. When these do occur, Emergency Procedures are followed, including completing an Incident Report that you will be asked to review and sign at the time of pick up. Depending on the situation, staff may call to let you know about an incident. If the situation requires emergency care, 911 will be called immediately followed by you or another emergency contact. Medical transport will be directly to either Strong West at 156 West Ave, Brockport or to Strong Memorial Hospital at 601 Elmwood Ave, Rochester.



Emergency Contact Information

It is essential to keep the main office informed of any changes to phone numbers, authorized escorts, class schedules, or home addresses. In the event of an emergency, it is vital that we are able to reach you or another emergency contact.


Fire Drills/Evacuations

Each month the staff and students practice a variety of safety drills. These include monthly fire drills, using both primary and secondary exits and semi-annual Shelter in Place drills. The Emergency Plan is available in the main office for review. When Shelter-in-Place drills occur, you will be notified by written notice in the classroom, at least 2 days beforehand. In the event of a true emergency, parents will be notified by phone and email as soon as all children are safe.


Safety Doors

All classrooms are located behind locked hallway doors that can only be unlocked by designated key FOBS. Parents have access from 6:30am-5:30pm. Visitors and authorized escorts must check in at the main office before they are allowed to enter.

Security Checks

All staff, including substitutes and interns are required to go through a thorough background check from the state of New York. No one under 18 is allowed to work with children and no one is allowed to work with children alone until all of their clearance checks come back cleared.

Check In/Check out

All children must be checked in upon arrival and checked out upon pick up. This ensures we have an accurate count of who is in the building. You must make contact with a staff member when you drop off and pick up a child, so we are aware of who is currently in class. This is essential for the safety of your child.

Teacher:Student ratio

All classrooms follow strict ratio regulations to ensure all children can be adequately monitored and supervised. Staff also follow guidelines of maximum group size, so that no group gets too large to manage.

Child Abuse and Maltreatment Reporting

All staff are mandatory reporters for the state of New York. If there is any suspicion or concern about possible abuse or maltreatment of a child, we must make a report. If you suspect your child has been abused or maltreated, see the parent resource center for contact information.


State Regulations

The state of New York has extensive rules and regulations which all child care facilities must adhere. A licensor performs surprise inspections at least 5 times per year to ensure we are following all laws set forth to protect children. If you would like to read these regulations, or see our inspection record, a copy is on file in the main office, or you can find them online at http://ocfs.ny.gov/main/childcare/daycare_regulations.asp.


Registration Fee

Each new child will be billed a $50 registration fee. Half of this fee can be credited to the parent’s account if you attend a Parent Orientation, session II. (See Orientation Credit) Parents will be notified via email of how to participate in session II.

Re-enrollment Fee

If you un-enroll from care, you will be billed a $25 re-enrollment fee upon your return.

Tax Statements

End of year Childcare Cost Statements are ready for pick up on or before January 31 of each year in the main office. If you need statements at other times of the year, please contact the mail office for assistance.


Please see Fee Scale for current rates of care. Cost of care includes all meals and snacks, events and class materials.


You will be asked to set a schedule for your child(ren) when you enroll. This can include full days or full week schedules, depending on availability. We do not offer half day enrollment, although you are welcome to drop off and pick up your child at any time during our business hours. If you need to change your schedule, please notify the office in writing at least one week in advance. If you would like to add a day on short notice, please call the main office and if we have space available, you are welcome to add that day at the regular price.



Tuition is charged whether your child is in attendance on a particular day or not. We hold the spot for your child, and cannot credit accounts for missed days. Due to the fact that we guarantee spaces for all children enrolled, we cannot authorize trading days.

Sibling Discount

If you have multiple children enrolled full time in the program, there is a 15% discount for the second child, 20% discount for the third, etc. Discount is applied to the oldest child(ren).



If you are a student at a NY state college or university, grant funding may be available based on family income. These funds are only available while actively enrolled in classes that occur during our operating hours. There are also limited sliding scale grant funds available each year. Please see the main office for an application.

Late Fees/Interruption in Care

If your bill is not paid in full for the week by Monday at 5pm, there is a $10 late fee. If your tuition is two or more weeks in arrears, care may be interrupted until the balance returns to zero.

Return Check Fee

A $45 charge will be added to your account if a check is returned because of non-sufficient funds.

Late Pick-Up

At 5:31pm there is a $10 late pick-up fee. For every 10 minutes past that, there is an additional $10 fee. (5:41pm=$20, 5:51pm=$30, etc.). If you are going to be late, please call the main office and inform the staff of your approximate arrival time, so we know you are in route and can make necessary staffing decisions. Fees will be added to the following week’s tuition. If your child has not been picked up by 5:35, and we have not received a call, we will call contacts on your child’s escort card until we reach someone who can pick up your child. If we can not reach anyone by 6:00pm, we will call University Police to come and keep your child until someone can be reached.

Holding Fee/Vacation Credit

When your child will not be in attendance for a week, full pay families may pay a $50 holding fee per family instead of regular tuition rates. Written notice must be submitted to the office at least one week in advance. Families may use this option up to six times per calendar year.

Orientation Credit

After you have been in attendance for a period of time, you will be invited to give feedback, suggestions, and hear how the BCDC experience has been for you and your family. After attending this session, a one-time $25 credit will be applied to your account.


BCDC observes and closes for the following holidays:

January 1 st Memorial Day July 4 th Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day Day after Thanksgiving December 25 th

If these dates fall on a Saturday, we will be closed on Friday. If these dates fall on a Sunday, we will observe the holiday on the Monday. See the yearly calendar for details. The week of any closure, your account will be credited for the holiday.

BCDC closes at 4:00pm on December 24 th and December 31 st , if they fall on a weekday.

Withdrawing from the Program

A two-week written notice is required to withdraw for any reason. If you do not submit written notice, you will be charged for two additional weeks of care, even if your child is no longer attending.


As a not-for-profit program, part of our funding comes from fundraising efforts throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to participate as their time and schedules allow. You will be notified of fundraising campaigns and how you can help. All donations, both cash and in-kind items, are tax deductible. Please request a donation receipt at the time of donation.


Brockport Child Development Center is committed to local children and families throughout the year.

  • We promise to provide the highest quality care and programming for children so they can grow and develop into strong and healthy individuals.
  • We promise to protect all children and create spaces to play and learn that are safe, supervised, and well maintained.
  • We promise to support children and families to build quality relationships and work to make our community a better place.


I have received the Brockport Child Development Center Family Handbook and am responsible for becoming familiar with its content. If I have any questions or concerns, I will contact the main office.

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Effective August 31, 2020

Part Time

Full Time (Daily Rate)

Infants $250.00 $65.00

Toddlers/ Twoodlers $240.00 $60.00

Pre-School $220.00 $55.00

School-Age* (before and after) $125.00 $30.00

School-Age* (before or after) $100.00 $25.00

School-Age* $195.00 $50.00

(Vacation or Holiday)

* Please contact the main office for pricing for remote learning days

Wrap around rate for UPK $30 per day

Enrollment fee $50

Re-enrollment fee $25

Vacation/Holding Fee $50 (up to six weeks per year)

Parent Fees are subject to change

2022-2023 Updates

Closures for 2022-2023

Brockport Child Development Center will be closed on the following days:

  • Monday, September 5
  • Thursday, November 24
  • Friday, November 25
  • Monday, December 26
  • Monday, January 2
  • Monday, May 29
  • Monday, July 3
  • Tuesday, July 4

Your account will be credited for closures. If we must close due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, you will be notified via email or through Kangarootime as soon as possible and credited for the day.

Current Health and COVID Policies

Your child will be sent home so please keep your child home if they:

· have a fever of over 99.9

· have any unexplained or spreading rash without a doctor’s note

· Cannot participate in daily routines or activities

· Have a second bout of diarrhea

· After first episode of unexplained vomit

· have excessive nasal discharge, particularly if discolored

· have excessive cough that disrupts play/sleep/eating

· express unusual complaints of sore throat, stomach ache, etc

To return to school:

· Must be 24 hours symptom free without medication


· Mild symptoms with a negative COVID test

COVID Vaccines and Closures

If there is a positive case of COVID and your child has been vaccinated, they may continue to attend as usual. Please submit vaccination records to the main office.

If you have opted not to have your child vaccinated, your child must quarantine and you will be responsible for the full tuition cost of days missed. They may return on the sixth day with no symptoms and a negative COVID test (home test is permissible).

I understand the above policies and know if I choose not to vaccinate my child, I will be responsible for tuition costs if my child must quarantine.

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