Permits, Insurance, & Contracts

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Permits required to conduct research through a grant must be under the name of The Research Foundation for SUNY and submitted by the Scholarship, Research & Sponsored Programs Office.

If you need a permit, please send the following to Laura Merkl at

  • Permit guidelines
    • Note if a permitter is requiring to be listed as additional insured, their guidelines or other documentation must indicate this requirement.
  • Completed permit
  • Contact individual’s name and email (unless it must be mailed)
  • Any additional information that needs to be included such as a map

Please allow at least two months to obtain the certificate of insurance and submit the permit.

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

Please contact Laura Merkl for certificates of insurance.
If you need a certificate of insurance, please send the following to Laura Merkl at

  • Certificate instructions
  • Event date(s) and times
  • Description of the event
  • Event location
  • Contact individual’s name and email (unless it must be mailed then include address)
  • Any contract or agreement that must be signed for an event requiring a certificate of insurance must also be sent to Laura and signed by an authorized signatory.

Please allow at least one month to obtain the certificate of insurance.

Agreements & Contracts for Services, Events, Hotels, Buses, etc.

Any agreements or contracts for services, events, hotels, buses, or other activities that include terms and conditions and require signature need to reviewed by Laura Merkl, Director of Scholarship, Research & Sponsored Programs, to determine if the Project Investigator or an authorized signatory from the office should sign.

The terms and conditions need to be reviewed to ensure they are terms and conditions we can adhere to or if changes need to be negotiated. Further, it is necessary to have the correct signature and entity on the paperwork to ensure the liability of the activity.

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Merkl at or (585) 395-2444.