SUNY Brockport Campus Process for External Grant Submissions to Funders

Prior to submission of application:

  1. Any faculty/staff applying for awards, contracts, grants, external fellowships, travel grants, or any external funding must obtain campus review and approval prior to submission.

  2. The applicant is The Research Foundation for SUNY (exceptions may be fellows and travel grants dependent on the guidelines—contact the Scholarship, Research & Sponsored Programs Office (SRSPO)  for determination).

  3. The submission process must be coordinated through the SRSPO. The SRSPO, will review the guidelines, application and completion of the required forms (such as application, sponsor forms, fellowship, etc.). SRSPO will review the budget guidelines and will draft, in coordination with the project investigator, the budget, budget narrative, and complete the budget forms. A course release or course buy-out being funded by external funds, must go through SRSPO for approval and a formal letter agreement according to the Course Buy-Out Policy. 

  4. The Campus Impact Statement will be prepared by SRSPO after the applicant provides a copy of the funding agency’s guidelines and after the budget has been approved by SRSPO and the PI. (Please contact the office for assistance in formulating a draft.) Fringe benefits and administrative costs must be requested in addition to salary costs. If administrative costs are not permitted per guidelines, the cost will be included in the University contribution on the campus impact form. Fringes that are unallowable on fellowships will also be included as University contribution.

  5. The SRSPO will, after preparing the Campus Impact Statement, obtain required campus administrative signatures. Required signatures include the PI, Department Chair, Dean and signature of the VP for Administration and Finance or AVP for Finance and Management, who also serves as The Research Foundation Operations Manager and Deputy Operations Manager respectively. In addition, the Provost will sign all the Campus Impact Statements pertaining to fellowships.

  6. The SRSPO will submit the application and/or inform the applicant that their application can be submitted (dependent on application type and sponsor).

  7. All submissions for external funds will be recorded in the SRSPO annual report distributed to the campus.

After award is made by funder:

  1. All paperwork received by the funder should be sent to SRSP Director for completion and coordination of signature(s). This includes notice of award, terms and conditions, contracts/agreements/MOUs. Please do not sign any paperwork.

  2. Checks from funder should be made out to: The Research Foundation for SUNY

  3. Contact person to receive checks: Ms. Laura Merkl, Director of Scholarship, Research & Sponsored Programs, SUNY Brockport, 350 New Campus Drive, Brockport, NY 14420.

  4. Funds will be accessed through SRSPO. SRSPO will contact you with the award number, specific terms of the award, report dates and processes. Departments will access funds to pay adjuncts through their normal department accounts working with their Dean’s and the Provost’s offices. Funds for adjuncts will be transferred from The Research Foundation to Campus Budget Office.

  5. Paperwork to be completed to hire adjuncts as replacements for faculty with course releases is the normal institutional paperwork.

Laura Merkl, Director of Scholarship, Research & Sponsored Programs, at (585) 395-2444 or