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SUNY Brockport has implemented Anti-Sweatshop Legislation for all apparel and sports equipment and Licensing Regulations and Usage Restrictions for any use of  SUNY Brockport Logos and/or Trademarks. The Research Foundation is obligated to comply with these regulations.

SUNY Brockport’s Anti-Sweatshop Policy

It is advised, due to these new regulations, that you contact The Research Foundation Office at extension 2444 before making any purchases under these new regulations.

Please note: Although program logos are not SUNY Brockport logos and trademarks, and therefore not subject to the same licensing regulations and restrictions, it is strongly advised by The Research Foundation of SUNY that you adhere to the restrictions regarding the types of goods or services excluded from featuring a college logo when purchasing goods or services with a program logo. The goods and services excluded are considered inappropriate and thus, it is considered good business practice to adhere to the exclusion list.