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Catie Lalonde, Ph.D


Celt Director
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Office: Edwards Hall 100 B
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Please contact me for an appointment - I am sometimes away for meetings but make a concerted effort to be present in CELT early in the mornings!


Catie Lalonde is originally from Buffalo, New York, where she spent 11 years working as an Assistant Professor and, eventually, the NCATE Coordinator for the Education Department at D’Youville College. Most recently, she supported faculty as Associate Provost at Paul Smith’s College up in the Adirondack mountains. At D’youville College, Catie taught “History of Education in the U.S.,” “Critical Issues in Education,” “Multiculturalism and Cultural Diversity,” “Philosophical and Social Foundations of Education,” and “Research in Education,” and then, at Paul Smith’s College, she taught “First Year Seminar” and an online, half-semester version of “Art of Film.”

Her research interests include the social foundations of education, critical pedagogy, critical media literacy, multiculturalism, food production and consumption practices, assessment practices in the U.S., and social justice education. Catie has published articles about her teaching practices, such as Courses that deliver: Reflecting on constructivist critical pedagogical approaches to teaching online and on-site foundations courses. (2011); media literacy, such as Power personified: Graduate students negotiating Hollywood Education (2011); and food access and education issues, such as Raising critique about unhealthy food access among marginalized youth in communities and schools (2014). Additionally, since 2008, she has written reviews of over 30 books for Choice Reviews Online.

Catie was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, and she now enjoys exploring Brockport, Hamlin and the new “big city” of Rochester. Her partner, Shawn; two little boys, Ciaran and Dylan; and Australian Shepherd dog, Rusty provide a constant source of amusement and inspiration. Catie likes to occasionally play her violin, and when she is not analyzing the latest movies and television shows, she likes to help her boys learn to prepare and enjoy healthy, delicious meals. 


Ph.D. Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education, State University of New York at Buffalo

Dissertation title: Framing America: Graduate students reading power, identity and American education through Hollywood movies

M.A. Media Studies/Education, State University of New York at Buffalo

Thesis title: Social issues in media education: Pedagogical perspectives and Hollywood film

B.A. English (Art History minor), Hobart and William Smith Colleges, cum laude

Areas of Specialty

Social Foundations of Education


Critical Media Literacy


Accreditation Compliance

Courses Taught

History of Education in the U.S.

Critical Issues in Education

Multiculturalism and Cultural Diversity

Philosophical and Social Foundations of Education

Research in Education

First Year Seminar

Art of Film

Research Interests

Social Foundations of Education

Critical Pedagogy

Critical Media Literacy


Food Production and Consumption Practices

Assessment Practices in the U.S.

Social Justice Education