Good News, Statement on Foreign Disclosures, Campus Updates, Did you know?

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President’s Newsletter

Tuesday, October 1, 2019
October 2019 Newsletter

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), entered into between SUNY Brockport’s Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (OEDI) and the Division of Enrollment Management & Student Affa.irs (EMSA), seeks to outline ways in which the two may more effectively and efficiently collaborate to achieve shared goals in achieving “Building a Better Brockport.”

It’s hard to believe that we have reached mid-semester! I hope that you had an opportunity to take stock and plan for the rest of the calendar year.

Good News

We have a lot to celebrate! Top of the list is the new honor that the Department of Nursing has received: The prestigious 2019 INSIGHT Into Diversity Health Professions Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award. The HEED Award is the only application-based national recognition honoring colleges and universities that show an outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion across their campuses. We are one of only 43 recipients of the 2019 Health Professions HEED Award. Please look for the annual December Health Professions HEED Award issue of INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, which will feature the recipients of the 2019 Health Professions HEED Award. We are proud of the work that the Department of Nursing and SUNY Brockport has accomplished in order to be awarded the 2019 Health Professions HEED Award, as our campus truly exemplifies “excellence in diversity.” Special thanks goes to Dr. Kathy Peterson and Dr. Cephas Archiefor leading the team that put together the nomination for consideration. Congratulations to all involved!

We have also received a number of SUNY awards this year. Through ten broad award categories, SUNY recognizes outstanding student affairs services and programs for the 30 four-year campuses. SUNY Brockport has won the top award for two of the categories and an honorable mention for another as 2019 Honorees.

The EMSA Assessment Team was recognized in the area of Administrative, Assessment, Information Technology, Fundraising, Professional Development, and related award category, as a result of its positive impact on the quality of the student experience on our campus. The award nomination highlighted a number of assessment activities, processes, and collaborations that result in continuous improvement.

The Inaugural Lavender Ceremony was recognized in the area of International, Multicultural, Cultural, Gender, LGBTQ, Spirituality, Disability, and related award category. The award application highlighted feedback from attendees, the incredible cross-divisional collaboration that ensured the ceremony’s success, and the support and authenticity exuded during the planning process and at the actual event. It emphasized the great work that is being done at The College of Brockport to continue to Build a Better Brockport and celebrate the contributions and honor our LGBTQIA+ students and allies.

The Student Health Center received an honorable mention recognition in the Student Health, Wellness, Counseling, and related category for their strong partnership and collaboration with the Nursing program.

Kudos goes to Fred Rion, the College’s Emergency Manager, who graduated from FEMA’s National Emergency Management Executive Academy at the end of September. The Academy is the final stage of FEMA’s Emergency Management Professional Program.

SUNY Brockport is committed to working with Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) and in the last SUNY MWBE report, focusing on 2018-19, both the College and BASC were in the top three of their respective categories. Within our total College payments of $12.1M, $7.4M or 61% was with MWBE suppliers, and within the $1.9M of BASC payments, $0.5M or 27% was with MWBE suppliers. Our continued focus on the utilization of the MWBE supplier base is a very important priority, and I am pleased with the results to date.

Statement on Foreign Disclosures

This past June, the SUNY Board of Trustees adopted a resolution that directed the Chancellor—or designee—to release a Statement on Foreign Disclosure and Export Controls. Compliance with the resolution is required of all State-operated campuses. Within this statement can be found SUNY’s requirements for Disclosure of Outside Interests and other related policies. I encourage those potentially involved in this type of activity to review this information.

Campus Updates

Some of you may have heard Provost Heyning reference the American Council on Education (ACE) Internationalization Laboratory during her Academic Affairs Welcome Back Address. We have officially begun the 2019-2021 lab planning process, which will contribute towards our comprehensive internationalization efforts in teaching and learning. Ultimately, as a result of our work in this area, a campus-wide committee will develop a strategic plan for global education efforts that will align and integrate policies, programs, and initiatives to position the College as a more globally oriented and internationally-connected institution. In November, an expert on internationalization will be visiting campus, and more information will be forthcoming in my next newsletter about the ways that you can get involved in these efforts.

In relation to our budget priorities, please note the following initiatives or plans:

  • Eighteen cost savings and revenue generating projects are being worked to help offset the impact of declining enrollment.
  • The Managed Print Services project is underway, and data is currently being collected that will highlight opportunities in both cost and sustainability improvements.
  • The College’s newly formed Sustainability Committee will start meeting this semester. One of the initial priorities will be to review our current STARS rating (Silver) and determine what actions are needed to improve our rating to gold.
  • Our Energy Review Board is meeting every 2 weeks to review and prioritize approximately 70 energy saving initiatives.
  • Plans are underway to relocate the Center for Graduate Studies within the next six months to Rakov. The College is planning to shut Morgan Hall, with the ultimate plans to include a green space where Morgan currently stands, if we are able to get the requisite funding from the state.
  • A revised financial model was reviewed and approved by Cabinet and JPBC. Implementation is underway, and as noted in last month’s newsletter, a Budget Town Hall will be held on Thursday, November 7, 11 am -12:15 pm in the Seymour Union Ballroom.

Did you know?

The Makerspace at Drake Memorial Library is currently available for faculty requests for 3D printing and is located on the main floor of the library. A variety of 3D printers are available to meet the needs of your projects. There is no charge for 3D printing materials, thanks to the generosity of the Friends of Drake Memorial Library. Any faculty member interested in using the space can contact

Thank you, colleagues, for the work that you do to Build a Better Brockport.

Dr. Heidi R. Macpherson, President
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