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Newsletter — Office of the Provost

Saturday, October 1, 2022
Volume 1, Issue 3

Dear Colleagues,

When I came to Brockport, I made a commitment to visit with each of the academic departments over the course of the fall semester. As the calendar turns to October and I can reflect on the conversations I have had with faculty during these meetings, I have begun to gain an appreciation for the strength of the faculty. We’ve had some excellent conversations about the work ongoing in the departments to promote the success of the students, the efforts underway to support enrollment and retention, and the challenges experienced as faculty and staff work hard to support College and departmental goals. I’m doing my best to learn how I can be helpful as we work together to advance the goals of our great institution.

Beyond my visits with the academic departments, there have been several other developments during this past month.

There has been a lot of discussion in the Senate about the General Education proposal. I have attended several of the sessions and have been impressed by the passion of those who have spoken up. But I also know that we have only heard from a small number of our faculty and would hope that more faculty would express their thoughts on the proposals. A robust discussion will best serve our interests. While this discussion continues, we are also moving ahead with the search for our new General Education coordinator. Applications will be accepted through October 7th. Please visit to submit your materials.

One of my objectives is to follow-up on the good work completed last year in establishing our Academic Affairs strategic plan. I would like to thank Monica Brasted, Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences, Mark Noll, Environmental Science and Ecology (ret’d), Kim Walitzer, Psychology (adjunct), Eric Owusu, Computing Sciences, Denise Copelton, Sociology, College Senate, Jennifer Hecker, Art, Cathy Houston Wilson, KSSPE, Kathy Peterson, Nursing, Natalie Svrcek, EHD, Claudette Brown-Smythe, Counselor Ed, Sandeep Singh, AEFM, Carson Young, Business Administration, and Dana Laird, Library for agreeing to serve on this important committee that will be looking into future opportunities for the Division. The committee is charged with exploring opportunities to enhance the academic strategic plan into a comprehensive roadmap describing future opportunities for the academic division, establishing specific goals and clear and measurable objectives for the division over the next five years, and describing the tools for assessment and continuous improvement to be employed in future academic strategic planning activities.

In addition to partnering with enrollment management to seek opportunities to increase enrollment and retention, faculty and staff in the Division have been discussing additional ways in which we can bring more students and support the ones already here. We continue to monitor the progress of several program proposals that have passed through Senate and are being considered at SUNY, as well as discussing new programs that may be considered at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Early in September, we had a consultant come to help us evaluate opportunities for international recruiting. We have received his report and will begin the process of implementing some of his suggestions with the goal of bringing approximately 50 international students to Brockport for the Fall of 2023. Similarly, we continue to develop degree completion programs to accommodate students who have some college credits and would like to complete their degree. Since many of those students are working or have other commitments, these degree completion options are mostly available online, which not only supports their needs but can also provide greater flexibility for our traditional student populations. I am greatly appreciative of the faculty and staff throughout the Division who are working hard to create new opportunities across the campus.

Finally, we are beginning to look at our professional development programs. We recently announced the FSA program, expanding the availability of the funds to better meet scholarship needs, as defined by departmental APT documents. Please check our website at for more details on how to apply for these awards. The Associate Deans have also developed a calendar of critical dates for the academic year, which is attached to this communication. Please note that the DSI process is currently underway, with deadlines for submission and review throughout October. As per the request of Senate, the reporting period for DSI applications is June 1 through May 31. In addition, we are partnering with the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to offer a workshop on “Freedom of Speech”, which Dr. Elizabeth Thorpe, Associate Professor, Communications Department will be leading beginning at 12:20 pm on December 2nd in the Seymour Union. Please look for additional information as the date gets closer.

There continues to be a lot going on within the Division. I am learning a great deal about the outstanding work of faculty and staff as I visit with each department. Each is unique, with its own characteristics and needs. Together, we create a vibrant campus that provides a great learning experience for our students. I can’t say enough about all that you are doing to support our students, while also working to recruit the next group of Brockport students. Please know that your hard work does not go unnoticed.


Dr. Martin Abraham, Provost and Vice President
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