Public Health Major (BS)


The undergraduate program in Public Health provides students with an array of health content courses and skills-based methods courses that prepare candidates to work in a variety of settings, including county and state health departments, disease-specific organizations, worksite wellness programs, non-governmental health agencies, and college health promotion programs.

The capstone experience, a 12-credit internship, provides candidates an opportunity to utilize knowledge and skills developed in courses within an established public health organization. Program faculty provide support to candidates in locating internship opportunities that complement career goals and interests.

The Public Health program prepares candidates to sit for the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) Exam.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student can declare a major within the Department of Public Health & Health Education.

The Public Health & Health Education faculty has a professional responsibility to deny admission or continuation in any of its undergraduate or graduate programs to any student whose level of performance and/or personal characteristics or dispositions do not adequately meet academic, professional, or ethical standards.

Program Requirements

Undergraduate students in this program pursue a Bachelor of Science degree, and must complete its requirements.

Students enrolled in the Public Health program must earn a grade of ā€œCā€ or higher (a grade of ā€œC-ā€ does not meet this requirement) in each required public health course (PBH courses) and each required course taken outside of the Department of Public Health & Health Education to complete this program. In addition, students must achieve a minimum 2.5 grade point average for all course work completed at Brockport to enroll in PBH 496.

General Education Requirements (31-37 credits)

Major Department Requirements (64-68 credits)

Required Courses Outside of Public Health and Health Education (7-11 credits)

Students should note that BIO 321 and BIO 322 have prerequisites.

Health-Related Content Courses (12 credits)

Candidates must complete 12 credits of content courses from the following list:

Required Public Health Education Core Courses (45 credits)

*denotes courses that meet both major and general education requirements

Electives (14-22 credits)

Total Credits (120 credits)

All Public Health Education requirements must be completed prior to completing PBH 496. Candidates must have a 2.5 Brockport GPA to enroll in PBH 496.

Student Learning Outcomes

The Public Health Education program is aligned with the seven Areas of Responsibility as defined by the National Commission on Health Education Credentialing.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Assess individual and community needs for health education
  2. Plan health education strategies, interventions, and programs
  3. Implement health education strategies, interventions, and programs
  4. Conduct evaluation and research related to health education
  5. Administer health education strategies, interventions, and programs
  6. Serve as a health education resource person
  7. Communicate and advocate for health and health education