Leaving Brockport or Withdrawing From All Courses Before Graduation and Returning Policy

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Adoption Date 2016-09 (Senate Resolution 2016-2017 #N/A)
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Policy Statement

This policy addresses matriculated undergraduate students who want to withdraw completely, either by leaving during a semester or not enrolling in an upcoming semester.


Many students read this because they are doing poorly academically and look at withdrawal as a way out. You may have better options. These are discussed here.

Students also may withdraw from individual courses by dropping the course in Banner Web prior to a semester, or by completing a Course Withdrawal Form during the semester, available from Registration and Records. See further information on withdrawing from a course here.


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Policy Procedures

When students are absent from classes exceeding one week for extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control, the student may notify the secretary in the Office of the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at (585) 395-2772 / 2137. The secretary will then notify the faculty members of the absence in writing. This notification is not an excuse nor does it obligate the faculty member in any way, nor does this relieve the student from their obligation to complete assignments.

If you are Leaving the University completely, please read the options below to see which is best for you. Graduate students who are withdrawing should contact Graduate Admissions and Registration and Records. Non-matriculated students should contact Registration and Records.

What are my options?

Temporary Academic Leave

As defined by Brockport, a Temporary Academic Leave is an approved complete withdrawal from a semester, or a period of approved semester(s) off. A Temporary Academic Leave has two advantages: it “freezes” your academic requirements, allowing you to retain the requirements in place when you last enrolled. A Temporary Academic Leave also allows you to register without being readmitted. All matriculated undergraduates are eligible except:

  • Students in their first semester at Brockport who have not completed the first three weeks of classes, or
  • Students who are in their first semester back after an academic dismissal, or
  • Students who are on final probation (dismissed and reinstated), or
  • Students who have been reinstated following a dismissal, or
  • Students who matriculated for WinterSession who did not complete the WinterSession and did not complete the first three weeks of the spring semester.

If none of the above situations apply, you may have a Temporary Academic Leave.

A Temporary Academic Leave is good for a maximum of three consecutive semesters. A Temporary Academic Leave for part of a semester counts as one semester. Please be aware that students who earn no credits at Brockport for three consecutive semesters (by any combination of not enrolling, failing, or withdrawing) and are not registered in the fourth semester will be given Inactive Status. This is regardless of Leave status granted previously.

As a student on a Temporary Academic Leave, you are still matriculated at the University, and therefore, are allowed to meet the degree requirements in effect when you last attended. If your Temporary Academic Leave expires, you must apply for readmission, and meet any new admission or degree requirements in place when you return to the University. See www.brockport.edu for information.


You will be made Inactive or separated:

  • If you are not eligible for a Leave, or 
  • You will not return within three semesters, or at all. 
  • You earn no credits at Brockport for three consecutive semesters, and are not registered in the subsequent semester.

If one of these conditions apply, you will be given Inactive Status by the University.

In-semester Walkaway

You are a “walkaway” if you stop attending classes without applying for a Temporary Academic Leave or Inactive Status. This is not recommended. You will probably fail courses in progress, and if you are receiving an educational loan, you agreed to notify us if you stop attending. Following the Inactive Status or Leave procedure will make it much easier for you if you ever intend to re- enroll here or elsewhere, and the Inactive Status or Leave option may help you financially. If you do “walk away,” we will place you on Temporary Academic Leave, Inactive or Dismissed Status as appropriate.

Next-semester Walkaway

If you do not enroll in a semester, we will identify you as a “walkaway” and automatically grant Temporary Academic Leave status if you are eligible. You will receive a letter to inform you.

How do I become Inactive or obtain a Temporary Academic Leave?

Follow the published drop or course withdrawal policies as published in the semester’s schedule of classes. Options include:

  • Temporary Academic Leave Request Form 
  • If between semesters or during the drop period, you may drop all your classes at Web Banner, or 
  • Mail or fax a letter requesting Temporary Academic Leave or Inactive Status. (use Banner ID or SS#) to Student Retention or 
  • Simply do not register for a semester.

If you apply for a Temporary Academic Leave and you are not eligible, we will grant you Inactive Status.

What is my separation date? Why is it important?

The separation date will be the earliest of 1) the last date of class attendance as confirmed by your submission of the completed on-line form to Student Retention, or 2) the postmark or fax date if you mail or fax a completed Form or letter requesting a Temporary Academic Leave or Inactive Status, or 3) the date you drop or withdraw from your final course via Web Banner, or 4) the last date of class attendance as confirmed by the professor(s) for those students who fail all classes.

The separation date will determine:

  • How courses appear on your transcript. 
  • Refund eligibility, if any. 
  • Eligibility for financial aid for semester in progress. (The Office of Financial Aid may determine an earlier date of last class attendance and reduce or revoke aid. The student then is liable for the bill.)

Academic Information

How will an Inactive Status or Temporary Academic Leave appear on my Brockport transcript?

If you leave within the drop period (approximately the first four weeks of classes), all of your courses will be “dropped” and will not appear on your transcript. If you leave during the fifth week or after, but before the last full week of classes, you will receive a “W” (Withdrawn) on your transcript for courses in progress. If you officially leave the University during a semester, either through a Temporary Academic Leave or Inactive Status, you will not need to contact your professors about a grade.

Last chance to take a Temporary Academic Leave Without Grades for the Semester

You must leave before the last week of classes to receive W’s. Students separating during the last week of classes or during finals week will receive grades based on work completed.

Taking coursework at another college while away from Brockport

If you wish to take coursework at another college while on a Temporary Academic Leave, you may do so. Complete a Brockport Student Course Approval Form with the Office of Academic Advisement prior to taking the coursework to ensure the courses can be transferred to meet Brockport degree requirements.

Degree in Absentia

Students who have applied for readmission and are within 12 credits of meeting graduation requirements may apply for permission to complete their degree in absentia if they are unable to return to Brockport to complete their course of study. Candidates must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above, must meet all University-wide requirements for the baccalaureate degree, must receive prior approval from Academic Advisement for all course work obtained at another college, must receive departmental support for all major course work and complete all requirements while on a Temporary Academic Leave. If it will take longer than the duration of the Temporary Academic Leave, the student must apply for readmission, and must then meet current graduation and residency requirements.

Financial Information

What about my bill? How much do I owe? Do I get a refund?

If you leave the University and your bill has been paid, you may be eligible for a full, partial or no refund depending on the separation date. If your bill is unpaid, you may owe money to the University.

If you deferred (postpone payment of) your bill against financial aid and the aid has not yet been deposited to your account, your bill is unpaid and you may owe money to the University.

Many students defer their bill against expected financial aid. The bill is unpaid until the aid arrives. If you have already withdrawn when the aid arrives, you may or may not (by federal regulation) be eligible for the aid. However, you still have an unpaid bill at the University. Thus, you may owe money to the University.

Tuition and Fee Refund Schedule

This schedule refers to the amount the tuition and fee charges will be reduced when courses are dropped within the indicated dates. It does not represent the amount to be paid to the student as a refund, since that will depend upon how much was actually paid to the University. If you are receiving any Federal Title IV Aid (Federal Work-Study, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Stafford Loan, or Federal PLUS), read the section below “What about financial aid?” This explains how eligibility for this aid is affected by the date that a student ceases attendance.

  1. The refund policy (for full semester courses) for tuition and BSG, Athletic, Technology and Health fees is:

100 percent — courses dropped during first week of classes

70 percent — courses dropped during second week

50 percent — courses dropped during third week

30 percent — courses dropped during fourth week

No refund for courses dropped after the 4th week 

The first week of classes is defined as the first seven calendar days of the semester. Semesters that begin during the week (e.g. Wednesday) are considered to have that first week end on the following Tuesday. Refunds are normally made within 2-4 weeks of your Inactive Status or Temporary Academic Leave request. Refund information for partial semester courses and summer/winter courses is available from Registration & Records.

2. Alumni Association Fee Refunds — processed on a pro-rated basis by the Alumni Association.

3. University Fee and Installment Payment Plan Fee Refunds — not refundable after classes have begun.

4. Room Refunds — Contact Office of Residential Life. After the midterm, no refunds are made.

5. Food Service Refunds — See Food Contract - Terms and Conditions.

6. Parking Refunds — pro-rated through mid-semester if parking sticker is returned. Contact 395-2799.

7. University Bookstore — Full refund on unmarked texts in original condition with receipt and proof of withdrawal during first 30 days of semester.

University Refund Committee Procedure

The University Refund Committee considers cases in which a student must withdraw or drop courses for reasons beyond his/her control with extreme financial hardship due to non-refund. Refunds are not granted to students who have failed to follow or were unaware of published withdrawal procedures or deadlines, or are dissatisfied with courses or faculty. Class attendance or non-attendance also is not a consideration. If you may qualify, write to the University Refund Committee with an explanation and documentation of the reasons for withdrawals or dropping courses. Examples of acceptable documentation include copies of doctors’ statements, illness or accident reports, etc. Address requests for refunds to:

University Refund Committee

350 New Campus Drive

SUNY Brockport

Brockport, NY 14420-2938

Be aware that if refunds are granted, refunds are returned to the source(s) of the funds. In many cases, financial aid grant or loan programs will receive the refund, not the student. Thus, you may have to repay financial aid already disbursed.

The Refund Committee meets as needed. You will be advised in writing when a decision is reached. The committee will not consider any case that involves a protested check or any account that has been turned over to the New York State Attorney General’s Office or a private collection agency for collection until the account is cleared. Appeals must be submitted with all documentation within six weeks of the end of the semester in question.

The University may impose a “hold” on a student’s records for non-payment of an amount owed. For example, unpaid parking tickets, overdue library books, or an unpaid university bill are all causes of holds. If you have holds, we deny services and class registration is not allowed until the debt is paid. In extreme cases, we send the debt to the NYS Attorney General or a private collection agency for collection. Check with the Office of Student Accounts on your status before Leaving, and pay any bills you receive promptly.

What about financial aid?

This requirement applies to you ONLY if:

  1. You received federal student aid, and
  2. You are withdrawing prior to completing 60% of the period for which the aid was provided.

Federal law requires aid recipients to “earn” the aid they receive by staying enrolled in college. Students who withdraw prior to completing 60% of the semester for which they received federal student aid may be required to return some or all of the aid disbursed. Even if all aid has been received, you may owe money back to the University if the federal formula requires the University to revoke aid due to your early departure.

See the Office of Student Accounts for the publication Return of Title IV Federal Student Aid for more information and examples of refund calculations, or visit the Office of Student Accounts Webpage.

Future eligibility for both federal and state aid requires progress toward a degree. However, Leaving means that you are making no progress in the semester of the Temporary Academic Leave. For information on what this means for aid eligibility in future semesters, see the publication Academic Standards and Financial Assistance.

Note that if you just stop attending classes, the Financial Aid Office will assume the midpoint of the semester as the last date of attendance if there is no documentation to the contrary, and they may require repayment of aid disbursed.

If you are separating or taking a Temporary Academic Leave and you have a Federal Stafford Loan, you must have an exit interview with the Financial Aid Office. Call or stop in to obtain information regarding an exit interview, or visit. For those receiving Federal Perkins or Nursing loans, contact Financial Aid for additional requirements. A Temporary Academic Leave or Inactive Status does not postpone repayment of loans. The initial repayment date is determined by the loan program policy and is based on the date you last attended.

If you withdraw before aid is processed, you may not qualify for aid even for the portion of the semester you attended. See a Financial Aid Advisor to review your situation. If you leave in the fall, remember that spring aid is canceled. If you plan to return in the spring, contact Financial Aid concerning reactivation of your aid. Since we have limited funds, reinstatement of all aid is not automatic.

Are you one of these?

TAP (or state financial aid) recipients who leave or separate may be ineligible for that aid in the semester they return. See Academic Advisement for information and the publication Academic Standards and Financial Assistance at Brockport.

Veterans who withdraw may be required to repay veterans educational benefits. Contact the Office of Veterans Affairs for information. Veterans on duty for longer than the allowed three semesters of Leave should contact the Office of Student Retention regarding an extension.

EOP students must schedule an appointment with the EOP Office for an Exit Interview.

International students should consult with International Student Services Office prior to withdrawing, separating or taking a Temporary Academic Leave. Students not maintaining full- time status may be in violation of their student status.

Academically Dismissed students who are reinstated but Leave in the semester following the dismissal are again classified as dismissed. Dismissed students must meet special conditions to be readmitted. Refer to your original dismissal letter for conditions.

On-campus phone customers must visit Telecommunications to cancel billing.

If you want to return… and you’re on a Temporary Academic Leave

It is not necessary to apply for readmission. You just register for the semester in which you wish to return. Registration schedule and information is available from Registration & Records. Meet with your academic advisor to plan your course schedule and complete an Undergraduate Advisement Form before registering. When a student returns to Brockport before the expiration of a Temporary Academic Leave, he or she will do so under the same status (including probationary status) and requirements that were in effect when the Leave was granted. Remember — Temporary Academic Leaves are for a limited time, after which you are classified as having Inactive Status with the University. Keep in mind that you may take Brockport courses from any location via the Internet through the SUNY Learning Network. More information is available at this website http://open.suny.edu

If you want to return… and your status is Inactive

Contact Undergraduate Admissions to apply for readmission. Readmission decisions are based on previous academic achievement at the University, current admission requirements, grades received for college work completed elsewhere, information or recommendations received from other sources, and the circumstances under which the student left SUNY Brockport. These decisions are contingent on space availability at the University and/or in a given academic program for any session or academic year. Readmitted students must meet whatever degree requirements are in place at the time of readmission. The University regularly updates its requirements and though we view these updates as improvements, they may add to your degree requirements and mandate additional coursework. There is a processing fee for readmission candidates.

Students who were academically dismissed and readmitted/reinstated who do not complete the semester of their return will be separated. For these students, any forgiveness applied to failed courses entered to the academic transcript will be removed. Note: Students will only be readmitted once after an academic dismissal.

Students are required to clear all outstanding obligations to the state and University, including any defaults on student loans, before they can be considered for readmission. Continued eligibility for NYS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) may also be affected. You will be notified in writing if you do not meet the eligibility requirements for TAP in the semester of your withdrawal. Contact the Academic Compliance Officer in the Office of Academic Advisement upon your return to determine future eligibility.

Official transcripts must also be submitted for courses taken at other institutions. Students seeking readmission should file the request for readmission no later than four weeks before the start of classes in the term in which they plan to return. All returning students should remember that Financial Aid and Residential Life have earlier deadlines to meet to receive aid or live on campus.

Links to Related Procedures and Information

US DOE Federal Student Aid - Student Loan Exit Counseling

Contact Information

Withdraw from a class: Registration and Records phone: (585) 395- 2531 fax: (585) 395- 5392

Inactive Status or Temporary Academic Leave policies, or to discuss your decision:

Office of Student Retention SUNY Brockport State University of New York 350 New Campus Drive Brockport , NY 14420-2935 Phone: (585) 395-5397, fax: (585) 395-2708. E-mail: studentretention@brockport.edu Web address: www.brockport.edu/retention/leave/index.html

Billing, holds, recalculation of aid eligibility, charges due: Student Accounts, (585) 395-2473.

Re-admittance to the University if Inactive: Undergraduate Admissions, (585) 395-2751 or Graduate Admissions, (585) 395-5465.

Evaluation of courses taken at other colleges: Academic Advisement, (585) 395-2711.

Financial Aid: Financial Aid, (585) 395-2501.

Registering: Registration and Records, (585) 395-2531.

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Next Review Date 2021-09 Five-year review
Revision Date 2023-03-17 Updated a link within this policy
Adoption Date 2016-09 Policy Adopted (Senate Resolution 2016-2017 #N/A)
Draft Review Date N/A Draft Policy under 30-day Campus Review


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