Missing Student Notification Policy for Residential Students Policy

  • Residential Life
Responsible Unit Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities
Responsible Cabinet Member VP for Student Affairs
Adoption Date 2010-05
Last Revision Date 2016-09
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Policy Statement

The following policy and procedure has been established to assist in the location of a student living on campus at the University, based on the facts the student is identified as a missing student.


To establish policy and procedures regarding reporting, investigation, and emergency notification when a residential student is missing from SUNY Brockport.


All members of SUNY Brockport share in the responsibility of reporting when they believe a student is missing. Missing student reports should be referred immediately to the University’s University Police department, with the Chief of University Police or designee being the main contact official.


Residential Student — A student who resides in SUNY Brockport residence halls or the Student Townhomes, has a signed Housing Agreement, and is currently an enrolled student.

Missing Student — A student is presumed missing if they are overdue in reaching home or campus or another specific location for 24 hours past their expected arrival, if additional factors lead University staff or other community members to believe they are missing, if there are concerns for the safety of the student due to prior mental and/or physical health issues and/or pertinent extenuating circumstances and/or a check of their residence supports this determination.

Policy Procedures


A. Upon check in, to the residence halls, students are given the option to identify a contact person(s) to be notified within 24 hours of the determination that the student is missing. The student is responsible to ensure that contact person(s) information is up to date and accurate.

B. The University is required to notify a custodial parent or guardian and any additional contact person(s) identified by the student when the residential student is under the age of 18 and not emancipated, notification must be within 24 hours of the determination that the student is missing. Residential students are advised of this notification requirement on the form they complete when providing information on their designated contact a person(s).

C. The University will also notify the appropriate law enforcement agency within 24 hours after the student is determined missing.


A. Any university and/or community member that has information that a residential student is missing is required to immediately report this information to University Police and the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities.

B. The Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities staff will conduct a preliminary investigation regarding the reported missing student including:

  1. Attempting to contact the student via phone.
  2. Visiting the student’s residence hall room to verify whereabouts and/or wellness and will update appropriate departments and/or University Officials.
  3. If the student is not in their room, questioning the other occupants regarding whereabouts and/or wellness in collaboration with University Police.
  4. If no information is available upon entering the student’s bedroom (keying in, if necessary) and conducting a health and safety inspection by looking for visible personal property that might help determine the students’ whereabouts.
  5. Collaborating with University Police to conduct the room checks, and/or providing an update to other law enforcement agencies.
  6. Making appropriate notifications if contact is made with the missing student.

C. Once the residential student is located, a follow-up appointment is scheduled with the student, the Resident Director and/or the Director of Residential Life/Learning Communities or designee.

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History (in descending order)

Item Date Explanation
Next Review Date 2021-09 Five-year review
Adoption Date 2016-09 Policy Adopted
Draft Review Date 2010-05 Draft Policy under 30-day Campus Review


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