Mid-Term Grades at the Undergraduate Level

  • Registration and Records
  • Student - Undergraduate
Responsible Unit Office of Registration and Records
Responsible Cabinet Member VP for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Adoption Date July 2014
Last Revision Date October 11, 2017
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Policy Statement

Information on Mid-term Grades for Undergraduate Students.


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Policy Procedures

Mid-term grades are provided for undergraduate students only. Such grades are a progress report for the undergraduate student to serve as an evaluation of the quality of the work to date. Mid-term grades are not recorded and do not become part of the permanent record.

Each semester, mid-term grades will be available online. Once signed on to Web Banner, go to Student Services, then Student Records and then View (Midterm or Final) Grades. Because the system asks each student to provide their Net ID and password, grade records remain confidential.

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 Next Review Date  July 2017  Three-year review
Revision Date February 21, 2020 Changed language from Banner ID & PIN to Net ID & password
Revision Date October 11, 2017 Removed outdated and now inapplicable paragraph about holds
 Adoption Date  July 2014  Policy Adopted
 Draft Review Date    Draft Policy under 30-day Campus Review


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