Reporting Absences, Verification of Class Rosters, and Unregistered Students Policy

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Responsible Unit Office of Registration and Records
Responsible Cabinet Member VP for Enrollment Management
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Policy Procedures

Verifying Class Rosters

Faculty members must be sure that preliminary and final class rosters are accurate because these data form the basis for student records and for assigning FTE generation to the departments. Detailed instructions are sent to each instructor with both preliminary and final class rosters. The verified rosters are returned to the department chairperson who will forward them to Registration and Records.

Reporting Absences

Faculty noting excessive numbers of absences by student(s) is urged to report this fact to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs so that the student’s whereabouts and circumstances can be ascertained. Faculty may, of course, establish their own attendance requirements provided that they are clearly stated (preferably in writing) at the beginning of each semester.

Unregistered Students

Under no circumstances will a course instructor at SUNY Brockport knowingly allow an unregistered student to continue attending a class. Instructors must check their class lists at the beginning of each semester and immediately inform any unregistered student(s) that they may not return to class without proof of current enrollment, and that the student(s) will not receive any credit for the course without prompt registration. Instructors may not make any informal arrangements by which a student would be allowed to continue to participate in a course and register at a later date. The student may confirm his/her registration by obtaining a current schedule showing registration in the course from the Office of Registration and Records. Instructors having access to EAGLE may confirm the registration by this means. Student(s) may have their registration revoked at later times during a semester for non-payment or failure to comply with the MMR policy. Instructors may not allow these student(s) to continue in class until they can offer proof of registration.

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