In-Progress (PR) Grades Policy

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Responsible Unit Registration and Records
Responsible Cabinet Member VP for Enrollment Management
Adoption Date 2010-07
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Policy Statement

 In-Progress (PR) Grades are given for certain courses that cannot be finished in one semester.


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Policy Procedures

Certain courses are by design not finished in one semester. For such courses, a “PR” (in-progress) grade is recorded instead of an “I” (incomplete) grade. The “PR” is changed to a letter grade upon completion of the course.

The “PR” designation may remain on the transcript for a maximum of two semesters, unless the instructor designates a shorter time period. At the end of the second semester or at the instructor-designated deadline, the “PR” grade is automatically changed to an “I”.

It is the student’s responsibility to initiate discussion with the instructor during the semester in which the “I” appears on the transcript to determine what is needed to complete the course. One semester after the “I” grade is posted, the registrar will automatically record a grade of “E” (failing) unless the instructor submits an extension or another grade. A “PR” grade must be cleared from any course listed on the transcript before the student can graduate. A student may not register for a second time for a course for which a “PR” grade is currently on record.

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