Three Other Possibilities: “I”, “PR” and “W” Policy

  • Registration and Records
Responsible Unit Office of Registration and Records
Responsible Cabinet Member VP for Enrollment Management
Adoption Date 2014-07
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Policy Statement

Information on grades of I, PR and W.


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Policy Procedures

Your performance in a course could conceivably result in other letters. An “I” (Incomplete) indicates that you did not complete the required course work, but reached an agreement with your instructor that permits you to complete the work by a specified later date. The details of that process are described in the Policy Title: Incomplete Grades – Application Process.

There is also a “PR” grade (In Progress), which was designed for certain special situations where a grade cannot be assigned on schedule for administrative reasons having nothing to do with the student’s performance. (For example, an overseas course, where the grades don’t arrive back to the States until after grades have been posted or a graduate thesis course that requires research extending beyond one semester.) The “PR” designation may remain on the transcript for a maximum of two semesters, unless the instructor designates a shorter time period. At the end of the second semester or at the instructor-designated deadline, the “PR” grade automatically changes to an “I.” One semester after the “I” grade is posted, the registrar will automatically record an “E” unless the instructor submits an incomplete extension or a final grade. The “PR” grade is removed from the transcript once the final grade arrives in the Office of Registration and Records, in contrast to the “I,” which is there for good.

Both “PR” and “I” grades must be resolved — changed to a final grade — prior to graduation, whether or not the course is required for your program.

A “W” is entered when a student leaves a course after the drop period has ended or when a student leaves Brockport entirely during a semester. This is a Withdrawal and it also stays on the transcript.

Grades of “I”, “PR” and “W” do not affect the GPA.

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Next Review Date 2019-07 Five-year review
Adoption Date 2014-07 Policy Adopted
Draft Review Date   Draft Policy under 30-day Campus Review


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