Incomplete Grades – Application Process Policy

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Adoption Date 2014-07
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Policy Statement

Information on taking an incomplete grade in a course.


If you fail to complete all the required work for a course because of circumstances beyond your control, you may request your instructor to assign you a grade of “Incomplete.” The decision to grant a grade of Incomplete is solely the instructor’s and should be based upon incomplete work, not failed examinations or poor attendance.


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Policy Procedures

If you are granted an Incomplete, you will be required to agree to an Incomplete Contract which will specify the work you must complete to meet course requirements as well as an alternate grade to be assigned if the work is not completed by the agreed upon date on the form. The date by which the work must be completed can be no later than the end of the following semester. On rare occasions the instructor may agree to extend the length of the Incomplete Contract due to (still further) circumstances beyond the student’s control, but under no conditions will the contract be extended beyond one additional semester.

When Incompletes are changed to grades, GPAs are not recomputed for the semester in which the “I” was issued. The semester GPA is based upon grades at the close of the semester in question, for purposes of determining Honors standing, as well as for probation and dismissal and other grade-point related policies. The Incomplete designation is used where the instructor agrees to provide some extra time to finish a minor portion of the course work before a grade is given. It is not intended to allow the student to complete major portions of course work or to essentially repeat the course in a future semester.

Two important points about Incompletes:

  1. 1) You cannot register for a course in which you have a pending “I.” Your only recourse is to either complete the work as agreed upon on the contract, or allow the alternate grade to be posted.
  2. 2) You must complete all “I” grades before graduation, regardless of whether or not the course is required for your program, or accept the alternate grade.

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Next Review Date 2019-07 Five-year review
Adoption Date 2014-07 Policy Adopted
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