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Responsible Unit University Police
Responsible Cabinet Member VP for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
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Policy Procedures

If a bomb threat is received by telephone, it is imperative that the individual receiving the call STAY CALM. Do not panic. Treat the call as routine and attempt to obtain the following information:

Where is the bomb?
When is the bomb going off?
What does the bomb look like?
What is the purpose of the bomb?
Who are you trying to hurt?
Why did you place the bomb?
What kind of bomb is it?
Are you mad at someone or something? What?

Try to maintain a conversational attitude with the person calling in the bomb threat. Listen very carefully for unique uses of words or tones of voice.

***If the caller hangs up, put the line on hold or lay the receiver down if you do not have a hold button. DO NOT HANG UP THE PHONE. Go immediately to another phone and call University Police at 395-2222. DO NOT USE THE “BOMB THREAT” PHONE UNTIL IT HAS BEEN CLEARED BY UNIVERSITY POLICE.***

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