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Policy Statement

The Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York, Title 8, Part 52 requires that every curriculum or program leading to the award of a degree be duly approved and registered with the State Education Department. New programs must be registered and major changes in existing programs must be approved by the State Education Department before being advertised or offered. Further, New York State General Business Law, Sections 349 and 350, and the Code of Federal Regulations provide for colleges and universities to observe a number of general principles relating to fair practice, consumer protection and “truth” in advertising.

Within the general purpose of providing higher education, the University will define its educational objectives in ways that clearly communicate the University’s purposes and that lend themselves to meaningful evaluation.

The University must provide complete and accurate information on all pertinent aspects of institutional policies, programs, practices and procedures affecting students.


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Registration means the approval of a curriculum in SUNY Brockport for general purposes or for the purposes of the acceptance toward a credential issued by the New York State Education Department or the University.

Program means the course of study approved and registered by the State Education Department necessary to qualify for a certificate or degree.

Policy Procedures

It shall be the policy of the University to fully and accurately inform its publics and constituents of its educational programs and services offered to students in all University publications and official statements by employees. Specifically with regard to:

Official Publications

  1. Careful attention will be given to the completeness and accuracy of the information provided in or supplied to publications concerning the University. These include catalogs, student handbooks, program brochures (institutional, divisional, departmental, etc.), recruiting materials, multi-area reference works and “university guides.”
  2. Special care will be taken to avoid misleading statements in official University publications, whether by omission of important details, misleading statements or failure to note restrictions. Cautionary statements will be included where appropriate and/or necessary.
  3. Official University publications will not be printed until reviewed by the Office of University Relations and Development to ensure that the material is accurate, complete and up-to-date and that the language can be readily understood. Such publications will bear the statement: “This is an official publication of SUNY Brockport.”

Official Statements

  1. Special care will be given by all faculty and staff to avoid incorrect or misleading oral statements when communicating to prospective students and students about programs, services and requirements. When acting in the discharge of their duties and within the scope of their employment, faculty and staff will seek fully and accurately to describe and interpret program requirements, policies and procedures. Written or published statements will take precedence over oral statements.

Admissions and Recruitment

  1. Admissions and recruiting staff will be provided with accurate, complete and up-to-date information about approved and registered programs, and services available to students and prospective students.
  2. Recruiting materials and oral presentations will provide an accurate and balanced picture of the University, its services and its approved and registered programs.
  3. Admissions requirements and procedures will be clearly stated in appropriate publications and public presentations.

Financial Assistance

  1. Information on financial assistance shall be made available to students and prospective students for the various forms of aid available. The information printed for each program of financial assistance shall include: application procedures, including a description of forms and their preparation, method of selection of recipients and allocation of awards, application and award schedule and the rights and responsibilities of recipients.
  2. Costs of attending the University for each of the cost categories listed below shall be provided. Where summary information is given, the appropriate institutional office where detailed information can be obtained will be identified.
  3. Tuition and fees: Information shall be provided on all assessments against students for direct and general purposes. A brief description of the purpose of any mandatory fee shall be included if the purpose of such fee is not apparent from its name. Course fees and lab fees shall be clearly identified. Conditions under which non-mandatory fees need not be paid shall be clearly stated.
  4. The terms and procedures for refunding tuition, housing, board, and other fees shall be explained and published, as well as the schedule for application for such.
  5. Books and supplies: Estimated cost of textbooks, books, manuals, consumable supplies and equipment which a student should possess as a necessary corollary of instruction shall be provided.
  6. Room and board: Costs of housing and food services shall be provided. Estimated costs of similar accommodations available in the community shall be provided. These figures shall be consistent with estimated student budgets prepared by the Office of Financial Aid. Further, estimated cost of personal expenses applicable to students devoting primary efforts to the pursuit of educational objectives shall be provided.

Instructional Program and Requirements

  1. The University will accurately inform students about the full range of approved and registered programs available to students and about all requirements for academic progress and program completion.
  2. Descriptive materials and presentations relating to academic or instructional programs will note special requirements and opportunities to waive certain requirements.
  3. Students will be given advance notice of any changes in requirements or programs, and changes will not be made in a way that unduly impede the academic progress of students already enrolled and matriculated.
  4. The instructional programs of the University shall be accurately described in all publications and official statements.
  5. All publications and statements relating to programs leading to a degree or certificate shall accurately describe the program and its requirements as approved by and registered with the New York State Education Department. The term “degree program” or “program” shall only be used with relationship to courses of study currently maintained on the Inventory of Registered Degree and Certificate Programs maintained by the State Education Department. The description of the program shall be consistent with the approved and registered degree or certificate program document as filed.
  6. When an approved and registered degree or certificate program contains a grouping of courses which might be interpreted as a concentration, emphasis, track, etc., all publications and official statements related to these must fully inform students and prospective students that such groupings (or their title) do not constitute the degree program title and that the grouping and/or its title will not appear in the degree transcript. (e.g., a student taking a BA in Physical Education with a concentration in Sports Management must be made fully aware that the degree awarded is a BA in Physical Education – NOT a BA in Sports Management.)
  7. All publications and official statements describing groupings of courses that are not part of an approved and registered degree or certificate program shall specify the extent to which they may apply as electives within a total degree requirement. They shall further state that they are not a degree or certificate program (i.e., Concentration for Children with Special Needs” or “Bilingual-Multicultural Concentration”.)
  8. Students shall only be accepted and matriculated into approved and registered programs.
  9. Minor changes in instructional programs approved and registered with the State Education Department will not be implemented until approved by the appropriate Faculty Senate committee(s), administrative Council, Vice President for Academic Affairs and President.

Record Keeping and Reporting:

  1. Formal statements explaining University policies and procedures with respect to student records and accounts (transcripts, grades, graduation checking, etc.), the maintenance of their privacy and their availability to students will be accurately published and explained.
  2. Efficient procedures will be maintained in handling records and in reporting grades to students, as well as in providing reasonable access to the same.
  3. Timely procedures will be maintained to allow students to be fully aware of their progress toward degree and completion of degree requirements.

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Contact Information

Referral Sources

Questions related to admissions, publication procedures and approvals should be directed to the Office of the Vice President for University Relations and Development.

Questions related to instructional program and requirements should be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Questions related to student academic support programs and services should be directed to the Center for Student Services.

Questions related to financial assistance, housing, student records and reporting, etc. should be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.


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  2. Public Law 94-248, 20 CFR 1008b-1.
  3. New York State Education Law, Section 607.
  4. New York State Business Law, Sections 349 and 350.
  5. New York Codes, Rules and Regulations, Title 8, Parts 52 and 53.

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