Credit Card and Third-Party Solicitation Policy

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Responsible Unit Student Union Leadership & Activities (SULA)
Responsible Cabinet Member VP for Student Affairs
Adoption Date 2010-09-07
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Policy Statement

Campus vending policy specifically related to credit cards and third-party contracts.


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Policy Procedures

In addition to the University Fundraising/Vending Policy, the following rules and regulations apply to credit card vending and third party-contracts (those that would be signed between a company/organization other than the University and a student, staff or faculty member):

  1. Vendors that offer credit cards or presenting contracts for goods or services are restricted to the Seymour Union.
  2. Seymour Union vendor fees apply based on the current daily rate.
  3. No more than one vendor offering credit cards or a contracted product or service may be on campus each day. The vendor will be allowed to solicit only one type of credit card, product or service.
  4. Vendors must remain within three feet of their vending space and must be respectful of those passing the area. The expectation is that passers-by will stop at the vending site if they are interested, not that vendors will “call out” to catch a potential customer’s attention.
  5. Credit card and contract terms must be clearly displayed at the vending location. This includes but is not limited to annual fees, interest rates and computation methods.
  6. Debt education materials must be available at the vending site.
  7. Signed applications for credit cards or third-party contracts cannot be collected on site.
  8. Gifts in exchange for completion of third-party contracts or credit card applications cannot be distributed or promised.
  9. Vendors who do not adhere to this policy may be permanently banned from the University.
  10. SUNY Brockport retains the right to limit time, place and manner of commercial activities and possesses the ultimate approval of items sold or distributed.

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Next Review Date 2015-09-07 Five-year review
Adoption Date 2010-09-07 Policy Adopted


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