Readmission at the Undergraduate Level Policy

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Responsible Unit Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Responsible Cabinet Member VP for Enrollment Management
Adoption Date 2008-11
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Policy Statement

This policy outlines the policy for readmission to the University after separation, leave of absence, academic dismissal and/or conduct suspension.


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Policy Procedures

Readmission at the Undergraduate Level

Formerly matriculated students who have separated from the University, or for whom a leave of absence has expired, must apply for readmission. Readmission decisions are based on previous academic achievement at the University, current admission requirements, grades received for college work completed elsewhere, information or recommendations received from other sources, and the circumstances under which the student left SUNY Brockport. These decisions are contingent on space availability at the University and/or in a given academic program for any session or academic year.

Students are required to clear all outstanding obligations to the state and University before they can be considered for readmission. Official transcripts must also be submitted for courses taken at other institutions. Students seeking readmission should file the request for readmission no later than four weeks before the start of classes for the term in which they plan to return.

Note: Students are required to meet degree and program requirements in effect the semester of readmission.

Readmission after Academic Dismissal or Conduct Suspension

Students who have been academically dismissed from SUNY Brockport for failure to maintain good academic standing, or who have been suspended for reasons of social conduct or academic dishonesty, must apply for readmission to the University, and as such are subject to the requirements and conditions of readmission.

In all cases at the undergraduate level, applications for readmission shall be reviewed by the director of admissions, or an admissions counselor or a committee designated by the director.

Undergraduate students who have been academically dismissed are not eligible to apply for readmission for a minimum of one year from the date of separation. If an undergraduate student is readmitted following an academic dismissal, the Office of Academic Advisement will invalidate enough grades (both credits and quality points) to bring the GPA to a minimum 2.0. This forgiveness policy may be utilized only once during a student’s enrollment at SUNY Brockport.

For students who have been suspended, whether for reasons of social conduct or academic dishonesty, the period of suspension specified by the authority issuing the sanction shall be adhered to. The policy of academic forgiveness described for academically dismissed students shall not apply to suspended students.

All students who are readmitted after academic dismissal must successfully complete a minimum of 12 indexable credits at SUNY Brockport subsequent to readmission as well as meeting all other graduation requirements.

Note: Students will only be readmitted once following an academic dismissal.

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Next Review Date 2013-11 Five-year review
Adoption Date 2008-11 Policy Adopted
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