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Policy Statement

It is the policy of SUNY and the Research Foundation of SUNY to get inventions into the marketplace for the benefits of the inventor, the inventor’s campus, the University, industry, and the public. This policy is implemented through the Research Foundation’s Technology/Transfer Offices.


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The following provisions (among others) relate to any faculty member who, in using SUNY owned or controlled facilities, discovers and idea, process or device or develop software that may be patentable (SUNY makes no claim to ownership to the inventions or software developed wholly on the faculty member’s own time without using SUNY facilities).


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Policy Procedures


  • Faculty are required to disclose such results “promptly and completely.” SUNY then has six months to decide whether or not to pursue patent or marketing of the invention.

  • If the decision is to pursue patenting or marketing, the Technology Transfer Office assists in this process.

  • SUNY, or the Research Foundation of SUNY, retains ownership of all inventions and software that are made using SUNY facilities

  • An inventor receives 40% of the gross royalty received by SUNY or the Research Foundation.

  • The remaining royalties are returned to the inventor’s campus to be distributed according to the campus’ own guidelines.


  • For works produced as a requirement of a grant or contact administration by the Research Foundation, the copyright belongs to the Research Foundation (unless different terms are agreed to with the sponsor)
  • For works produced incidentally to the primary research conducted on a grant or contract, the copyright resides with the creator.

Links to Related Procedures and Information

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Contact Information

 For more information about patents and copyrights, the Office of Faculty Research and Sponsored Programs should be consulted.

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