Graduation/Completion and Transfer-Out Rates Policy

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Responsible Unit Department of Research, Analysis and Planning
Responsible Cabinet Member VP for Administration and Finance
Adoption Date 2009-10
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Policy Statement

The Student Right-to-Know Act requires the University to disclose to all enrolled and prospective students statistics on the graduation rates of undergraduate students.


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Policy Procedures

Graduation/Completion and Transfer-out Rates

SUNY Brockport is pleased to provide the following information regarding our institution’s graduation and completion rates. The information is provided in compliance with the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended. The rates reflect the graduation and completion status of students who enrolled during the fall 2001 semester and for whom 150 percent of the normal time-to-completion has elapsed.

During the fall semester of 2001, 1,023 first-time, full-time, certificate or degree-seeking Undergraduate students entered at SUNY Brockport. After six years as of fall 2007, 58.5 percent of these students had graduated from our institution or completed their programs.

Links to Related Procedures and Information

For further information on the institution’s graduation/completion and transfer-out rates refer to the Research, Analysis and Planning Website

Questions related to the report of graduation/completion and transfer-out rates should be directed to:

Director of Research, Analysis and Planning

620 Allen Building

(585) 395-5028 or email at:

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History (in descending order)

Item Date Explanation
Next Review Date 2014-10 Five-year review
Adoption Date 2009-10 Policy Adopted
Draft Review Date   Draft Policy under 30-day Campus Review


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