Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Policy

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Responsible Unit Parking and Transportation Services
Responsible Cabinet Member VP for Administration & Finance
Adoption Date 2020-05-01
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Policy Statement

This policy enables all parkers access to electric vehicle charging stations on SUNY Brockport’s main campus.


SUNY Brockport plans for installation of public electric vehicle charging stations in a responsible manner, and manages installed public EV charging stations with monitoring and parking charges to enable fair customer access and defray associated operating and maintenance costs.


This policy applies to all classifications of parkers.


EV – Electric Vehicle
PTS – Parking and Transportation Services

Policy Procedures

  1. EV charging stations are available to all parkers and are currently located in various lots throughout the campus. Initially, charging stations will be located in lots G1 (Tower east), N, and V (SERC).
  2. Charging station reservations and fees will be arranged/charged via the ChargePoint App that users must download to their cell phones. It is expected users will not occupy a charging station for more than four hours at a time, and they will remove their vehicle when notified by their EV charging App that the charge is complete.
  3. Users will be charged an hourly rate and a valid parking permit or meter payment is required.
  4. The type of EV charging stations available at SUNY Brockport’s main campus are Level 2 Charging stations, providing electrical energy at either 240 VAC or 208 VAC.
  5. EV charging is authorized only at designated EV charging stations. No electric vehicle shall be charged by any other means, i.e., via the use of an extension cord.
  6. Failure to adhere to this Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Policy as well as Parking and Transportation’s Policies and Procedures may result in enforcement action, including towing of the vehicle at the expense of the vehicle owner.
  7. Parking a vehicle (at an EV charging station) that cannot be properly coupled to the EV charger plug and charged is strictly prohibited, e.g.: gas-powered vehicles
  8. Users are encouraged to use proper etiquette: Do not charge a vehicle if the charge is not needed or if your commute can be accomplished by charging at home; leave the charger available for another EV driver that may need the charge.
  9. EV charging stations may be closed for maintenance, construction and special event parking without notice.
  10. In case of an emergency or violation of use, authorized campus personnel may disconnect vehicles from the EV charging station at any time.
  11. EV charging stations marked “official university use only” are solely for charging university or BASC-owned vehicles.
  12. SUNY Brockport assumes no responsibility or liability for damage to vehicles using the EV charging stations.

Contacts for Charging Station Issues:

Issue Responsibility & Action
Unit Malfunction If a unit malfunctions, please call ChargePoint via (888) 758-4389 for technical support.
Parking Etiquette and Policy Compliance PTS enforces parking etiquette and policy compliance; please email PTS via parking@brockport.edu.
Area Maintenance Facilities handles maintenance requests; please call the Facilities’ Service Center via (585) 395-2408.

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Contact Information

Director of Parking and Transportation Services

History (in descending order)

Item Date Explanation
Next Review Date 2025-05-01 Five-year review
Adoption Date 2020-05-01 Policy Adopted
Draft Review Date 2020-03-31 Draft Policy under 30-day Campus Review


This policy was approved by President’s Cabinet on 2020-03-13