Retention of IT Privileges

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  • Computing and Technology
  • Student - Undergraduate
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Responsible Unit Brockport Information & Technology Services
Responsible Cabinet Member VP for Administration & Finance
Adoption Date March 5, 2008
Last Revision Date June 14, 2018
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Policy Statement

IT privileges generally expire when an individual separates from the College.


IT Privileges include College email and calendar services, use of public computer labs, wireless network access, Blackboard access, and access to digital library information resources.


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Policy Procedures

The following is a list of the most typical kinds of separations and the impact on the individual’s IT privileges:


  • Disciplinary termination of employment: immediate termination of privileges.
  • Resignation: immediate termination of privileges; e-mail privileges can be extended for a maximum of 30 days from resignation date by written request to the Chief Information Officer from the supervisor.
  • Retirement (non-Emeritus): retain e-mail privileges for 30 days from retirement date; other IT privileges terminate day after retirement date.  Upon request, CSEA retirees may retain e-mail privileges (with quota limit) for life.
  • Retirement (Emeritus status): retain e-mail privileges (with quota limit), use of lab computers, library privileges (including access to digital information resources), and Blackboard access for life.
  • Leave of Absence: no changes to privileges.
  • Adjunct Faculty: IT privileges terminate two semesters after date of last employment.


  • Disciplinary dismissal: immediate termination of privileges.
  • Academic inactive status: privileges terminate 30 days from date of status change.
  • Academic inactive status due to graduation: retain privileges for 120 days from date of graduation.
  • Special needs: extension of privileges must be requested in writing to Chief Information Officer by the student and advisor (or chair of student’s program) stating the “need” for the extension. Extension of privileges will not exceed 120 days from date of activation.
  • Leave of Absence: no changes to privileges.

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Brockport Information & Technology Services
Office Location: Allen Admin 216A
Phone: (585) 395-5151
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Next Review Date  June 14, 2021  Three-year review
Revision Date June 14, 2018 Added language that CSEA (non-Emeritus) retirees may retain e-mail privileges for life.
Revision Date February 5, 2018 Updated ‘ANGEL’ to ‘Blackboard’
Adoption Date March 5, 2008 Policy Adopted


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