Workers’ Compensation/Accident Reporting Policy

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Responsible Unit Office of Human Resources
Responsible Cabinet Member VP for Administration and Finance
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Policy Statement

Employees must report on-the-job accidents to both your supervisor and the ARS system at 1-888-800-0029 within 24 hours of the accident.


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Policy Procedures

Steps for reporting:

EMPLOYEE - Reports work related accident or illness to supervisor immediately. Seeks medical attention as needed.

SUPERVISOR - Gives the employee the Injury Report Form  to complete. After the injured employee signs the form, the supervisor also signs and forwards to The Office of Human Resources within 24 hours. Supervisor must notify the Office of Human Resources immediately by phone.

EMPLOYEE - Calls 1-888-800-0029 to report the injury to NYS Accident Reporting System within 24 hours of the accident.

HUMAN RESOURCES - Receives the injury report from the supervisor and processes the  C-2 in the NYS Accident Reporting System. The report is electronically sent to the Workers’ Compensation Board. Workers’ Compensation will forward to State Insurance Fund, the carrier for SUNY Brockport. This will initiate the claim process.

STATE INSURANCE FUND - Sets up claim and notifies the Office of Human Resources once a claim has been established. Contacts employee to verify information on the accident report.

EMPLOYEE - In order for bills to be paid, medical reports must be received by the State Insurance Fund. Employee must ensure that their doctor transmits medical reports to the State Insurance Fund. In addition, employee must submit a medical statement to The Office of Human Resources verifying diagnosis and estimated date of return to work.

STATE INSURANCE FUND - Upon receipt of acceptable medical reports, processes claim for payment to Doctor.

EMPLOYEE - Classified employees must charge accruals for lost time up to 5 full time days. If the employee has no accruals, they will be placed on leave without pay. Professional/Faculty employees charge accruals until accruals run out. University Police employees do not charge accruals.

EMPLOYEE - Responsible for keeping the Office of Human Resources and Supervisor informed of status during absence and supply medical documentation before they return to work.

DEPT./HR - Determines whether alternative duty assignment is appropriate. Employee must be no more than 50% disabled and able to return to full duty within 60 calendar days.

EMPLOYEE - Prior to returning to work, employees must sign in and present to Human Resources a statement from the treating doctor allowing employee to return to work and identifying restrictions. Human Resources will provide the supervisor with a copy of the medical release.

HUMAN RESOURCES - Will notify Payroll and State Insurance Fund when the employee returns to work.

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Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding Workers’ Compensation, please feel free to contact the Office of Human Resources at x2126.

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