Vacation Leave

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Full-time calendar year and college-year employees (not academic-year employees) accrue vacation credits at the rate of 1 1/4 days per month or 15 days during the first year of employment. The amount of vacation credit increases gradually each year for the next six years until at the seventh year and thereafter the accrual is at the rate of 1 3/4 days per month or 21 days per year. Maximum accumulation cannot exceed 40 days.

Years of Service Accrual Rate
1 1.25 days per month
2 1.33 days per month
3,4,5 1.5 days per month
6 1.66 days per month
7 1.75 days per month

Part-time calendar year and college-year employees accrue credits based upon the base annual salary they are receiving as follows: up to $10,346 - 1/4 day; $10,347 to $15,521 - ½ day; $15,522 to $20,695 - 1 day; $20,696 or higher - 1 1/4 day.

To accrue credits for vacation each month, eligible employees must be in pay status for that month, or major fraction thereof.

In the event of death, retirement, resignation or other non-disciplinary separation from the College, or change of the period of professional obligation from calendar year or college year to academic year, an employee shall be compensated for such accumulated and unused vacation leave credits not to exceed a maximum of 30 days, such payment to be computed on the basis of the basic annual salary otherwise payable. In the case of death while in service, such payment shall be made to the deceased employee’s estate.

Vacation leave shall be taken at such time as may be approved by the President or his designee.

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