UUP Tuition Assistance (UUP Space Available Tuition Waiver) Policy

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Responsible Unit Office of Human Resources 
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Policy Statement

Article 49 of the State-UUP Agreement provides a UUP Space Available Tuition Waivers program. This program provides UUP represented employees one Space Available Tuition Waiver per semester and special session.



When space is available, employees may enroll in a course on a tuition-free basis at any four-year SUNY school subject to the following requirements:

  1. Employees must meet admission requirements and course prerequisites.
  2. All fees other than tuition shall be paid by the employee. If the employee drops the course, the waiver is void and they are responsible for all fees associated with the course.
  3. Employees may enroll in a maximum of one course per semester and special session, for example, summer session and intersession.
  4. Currently, under Internal Revenue Services (IRS) regulations, employer educational assistance plans are taxable. Employees are eligible for exclusion from taxable income, up to $5250 in a calendar year. Any excess benefit over $5250 is taxable.



You are eligible for a UUP Space Available Waiver if you are on the payroll in a UUP position when the course is regularly scheduled to commence.


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Policy Procedures

  1. Register for the course beginning on the non-matriculated student registration date but before the first day of classes. Registration after the first day of classes will require a permission key number from the Instructor.
  2. Complete the personal information section and course information section.
  3. Certify you have read the policy guidelines and sign and date the form.
  4. Submit the UUP Space Available Waiver Form to the Office of Human Resources, 4th floor Allen Administration building for approval. Waivers are due in the Office of Human Resources no later than the end of the first week of classes.
  5. The Office of Human Resources will verify you are an active employee at the time the class starts and are represented by the UUP Bargaining Unit during the academic term or session you are using the waiver for.
  6. The UUP Space Available Waiver Form will be routed to Registration and Records and Student Accounts by the Office of Human Resources.
  7. If you are a SUNY Brockport employee taking a course at another SUNY school, check with the instructing campus via their website, Office of Human Resources or Registration Office to confirm if they require you to use their UUP Space Available Application.

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