Use, Long-Term and Short-Term Removal of University Equipment Policy

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Policy Statement

University property is purchased exclusively for use by University employees, at their job-site, in the performance of their job-related responsibilities.

Department chairs and unit heads have items of equipment assigned to their department. As officers of the University, they are responsible for the security and accountability for each item in their care. It is the duty of each department chair and unit head to be knowledgeable of the location and condition of each item of equipment in their care. 


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Policy Procedures

No item of University property shall be removed from the Campus except as set forth below:

A. Except as noted below in connection with portable personal computers and electronic communications equipment, a Property Removal Authorization form (signed by the individual requesting permission, the director/dean and the appropriate vice president, if applicable) must be completed and distributed as indicated on the form before any University property can be removed from Campus, even if such property appears to be abandoned, trash, not useful, or no longer needed, including anything in a dumpster located on University property. This also includes all property that is being borrowed for off-campus official use by employees.

All Property Removal Authorization forms will expires on the day of Commencement each year. A new form must be submitted to the Office of Property Control or the equipment must be returned. All discrepancies will be reported.

B. Employees may borrow University property for official University use only. A Property Removal Authorization form must be completed. In the case of long-term removal (more than ten working days), the form must be signed by the requestor, the dean/director/unit head, and the appropriate vice president. University property being borrowed for more than ten days will require the requester’s, the dean/director/unit head’s and the appropriate vice president’s signature prior to removal of the property. In the case of short-term removal (ten working days or less), the form must be signed by the requestor and the dean/director/unit head. The completed Property Removal Authorization form must be distributed as set forth on the bottom of the form prior to removal of the equipment.


C. Portable personal computers and electronic communications equipment are assigned to the department chair or unit head. It is their responsibility to provide the Office of Property Control written location verification if this equipment is not in their possession during a Property Control audit.

Any removal of University equipment or property in violation of this policy is a form of employee misconduct and will lead to disciplinary action.

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