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Policy Statement

General Guidelines

University-provided telephone lines are to be used for official business only. Personal telephone calls must be made using a Personal Billing Number (PBN). Each PBN user received a bill for any personal calls made on University-provided telephone lines.

Applications for a PBN can be found on the Office of Telecommunications website

Faculty/Staff PBN Policy:

  1. Payments must be made in full each month by the due date stated on the bill.
  2. Late fees and disconnection of your PBN are administered by the Bursar’s Office


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Policy Procedures

Local Calls

Please be aware that local calls are NOT free. Local calls are charged under the Local Measured Service method, which is based on the duration of the call and time of day. These charges are passed on to the user departments on a monthly basis.

Long Distance Calls

Business Calls: Long distant calls must be limited to those absolutely essential to the conduct of business unless you use your PBN. Personal Calls: In the event of an emergency, the University recognizes that it may be necessary to make a personal long distance call. A PBN must be used when making personal toll calls. Reimbursement to the University is required upon receipt of the monthly statement for personal calls. This amount includes administrative overhead. Directory Assistance: In order to avoid unnecessary expense to the University, please attempt to obtain the number you wish to call without calling directory assistance. For personal calls to directory assistance a PBN must be used.

Collect and Third Party Calls

Due to an increase in telephone fraud and excessively expensive rates, collect and third party calls may not be billed to the University.

Departmental Usage Report

Each month the Office of Telecommunications sends Departmental Usage Report to each department for all telephone charges to that account. The usage report must be checked to determine if all calls were authorized. In the event that unauthorized calls are detected, departments are to report this fact immediately to the Office of Telecommunications. The Office of Telecommunications will be analyzing the usage reports and may contact budget unit heads with any questions.

All questions regarding telephone usage should be directed to the Office of Telecommunications. Failure to comply with the above procedures may result in a change of level of restriction to on-campus or local calls only.

Telephone Repairs and Service Requests

All requests for telephone moves and changes must be submitted through our online forms on the Office of Telecommunications web site. Requests are prioritized by severity and processed accordingly. On-line forms are available at the telecommunication web site to request non-repair related services.

Customers are responsible for providing access to rooms for technicians. Appointments cannot be scheduled. The objective is to complete 95% of repair requests within 8 business hours.

Personal Billing and Payments

Payments for personal telephone usage will be billed and collected by the Bursar’s Office. The Bursar’s Office accepts cash, checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, SUNY Brockport Easy Money, and, if paying in person, cash. DO NOT SEND CASH THROUGH THE MAIL. Calling (585) 395-2555 can make credit card and Easy Money payments. Credit card information can also be faxed to the Bursar’s Office at (585) 395-2325.

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