Project Priority Methodology Policy

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Responsible Unit Administration and Finance
Responsible Cabinet Member VP for Administration and Finance
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Policy Statement

Request priority is made according to the guidelines listed below.


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Policy Procedures

1. Systems developed or enhanced as the result of mandated changes. Changes are primarily in response to SUNY, state, or federal rules and regulations. Most of these changes are the result of financial aid or accounting changes.

2. Systems developed or enhanced as the result of campus-based changes in academic policy or other general policies.

3. Systems or enhancements that greatly improve service to customers, especially student customers. Improvements that either simplify or facilitate a process are those most often considered, for example, online registration.

4. Systems or enhancements that provide direct or indirect cost/benefit improvements either in resources or length of time required completing a task. This is often to enhance processing within a functional office of the University. Occasionally, it is to improve utilization of computing resources, but usually it is to address the lack of personnel in an operating unit of the University.

5. Systems or enhancements with low priority that requires minimal support. It is our intent to devote a small amount of effort to those requests, which are always placed so low on the priority list that their needs would not normally be addressed. By devoting a minimal amount of our scarce resources to them, we can continue to improve customer service. These requests are often accomplished during “wait” periods while working on projects that meet priorities 1, 2, 3, or 4.

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