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Policy Procedures

Regulations of Mail Service

1. Items lacking postage are considered by the United States Post Office to be official University material and become the responsibility of the Mail Services staff to convert to mail by affixing the appropriate postage and delivering such mail to the local U.S. Post Office.

2. Only official outgoing or inter-office mail will be processed through Mail Services. Official mail is designated as material, which utilizes University stationary, an envelope indicating a University logo, and a departmental return address. Personal business should not be conducted using official letterhead, imprinted envelopes, or the departmental mailing address.

3. Personal mail may be entered into the University mail system provided it contains the proper postage before being accepted by Mail Services. Bill payments, insurance forms, cards, lobby letters, and correspondence relative to fringe benefits are all considered personal and should have the proper postage affixed prior to delivery to Mail Services. All correspondence, which appears to be personal in nature, without postage, will be returned to the sender. He/she may then either affix the proper postage or may return the material to Mail Services with verification of the appropriateness of affixing State-purpose postage.

4. University-affiliated groups, which wish to use the campus mail for distribution of mail, must receive approval from the supervisor of Mail Services.

5. All charges for metered mail relating to official University business or by approved University-related groups will be recharged against department budget or direct billed plus administrative overhead if applicable.

6.The University mail system may not be used for distribution of materials of a political, religious, or commercial nature.

Bulk Mail Services

1. Bulk mailing must be scheduled at least two (2) weeks in advance. Bulk services include labeling, folding, inserting, sorting, Zip +4, and bar-coding in accordance with U.S. Postal regulations. Scheduled mailings will be performed before walk-in mailings.

2. When planning bulk mailings, the mailer must consult with the supervisor of Mail Services to insure the mailing conforms to the automation guidelines of the U.S. Postal Service to maximize all available postal discounts.

3. For mailings of 200 pieces, or more, the mailer will utilize Administrative Data Processing to generate data, in the proper format, to be transferred to Mail Services for processing at the most economical postal rate. A mailer may request labels, for mailings of 200+ pieces, if the items are inter-campus only.

4. Mail Services has the capability to print presorted, bar-coded envelopes from a personal computer database. Mailers should contact the supervisor of Mail Services for the correct format.

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